Netflix to Sky – Live Stream 2nd Week of January

Zendaya and Hunter Schaeffer star in Euphoria. Season two will be available on Sky from January 10th.Photo: / bEddy Chen-HBO Every weekend, we’ve got the best recommendations for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Sky and MagentaTV in our ultimate streaming guide – from the hottest new series to hidden treasures. New year, highlight the new … Read more

‘I want to get some fresh air’: Erfurt’s cultural bar owner quits after 30 years | Erfurt

Erfurt. Rainer Kalisch, a good rocker presenter in Erfurt, after more than 30 years stops by at the Erfurt Museumkeller and at HsD and hands it over to Ramon Scheunemann. “Tdimvtt King Faisal University {u /” Bvtsvgf {fjdifo² Sfjofs Lbmjtdi- Joe {xjtdifo 79- tbhu presented nju fjofs Cftujnnuifju- ejf lfjofo Xjefstqsvdi {vmåttu / Tfju non-food … Read more

How far can imagination go?

Since May 2021, an Instagram thread has been telling the life story of Nazi resistance fighter Sophie Scholl. A few days after the 79th anniversary of her execution on February 22, 1943 by the National Socialists, the “ichbinsophiescholl” now ends on a Saturday. Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) and Südwestrundfunk (SWR) drew a positive balance: More than … Read more

Best Documentaries on Netflix » TONSPION

The streaming provider Netflix isn’t just diversified when it comes to shows or movies: the themes of documentaries are also extensive and cover topics like society, true crime, sports, music or politics. We have selected for you the best documentaries. ▹ New Netflix Movies ▹ Best Netflix Series ▹ Best Amazon Prime Series Documentaries are … Read more

À la parisienne: In the footsteps of France with the Paris metro | culture | DW

Prochain arrêt: “Charles de Gaulle – Étoile” – Next stop: “Charles de Gaulle – Étoile”: If you want to get from A to B quickly in Paris, you can’t avoid the famous metro. Charles de Gaulle – Étoile is one of the most popular stops A quick reference to the Arc de Triomphe, a major … Read more

After getting a guaranteed World Cup ticket: handball players don’t dare to predict Free Press

In the World Cup qualifier against the Faroe Islands, German handball players finally triumphed with confidence. However, there are also many shortcomings. So what’s the point of the World Cup? Torshavn. Alfred Jeslason didn’t want to get bogged down in this question after all. After the victory in the playoffs, the national coach asked if … Read more

Poor by inheritance? Here’s what you need to know about inheritance tax

Real estate prices soaring leads to inheritance Unbearable taxes How does it work exactly inheritance tax which Follow she has for heirs? Could you Too high tax burden Property owner Escaped What you should know beforehand: Best advice on inheritance law Even if an inheritance accompanies someone’s death, most people are happy when they inherit … Read more

Interview with author Doris Dory: We are surrounded by imagination

Munich A to Z interview with Doris Dory: The 66-year-old Hannover-born writer and director. She moved to California and New York to study acting and theater, and Doris Dory returned to Germany, specifically to Munich, to study directing. Doris Dory has published more than 30 films and 20 books. In addition to her directing work, … Read more