Film releases of the week – Culture

This week, a slew of stars are especially on screen: Sandra Bullock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicole Kidman and Channing Tatum. BERLIN (DPA) – Cat painter, successful author, French satirist, and ruthless Viking scientist – Extraordinary stories from France, Great Britain, and the United States are coming to the cinema. Benedict Cumberbatch plays an extraordinary artist Actor … Read more

Football – Haaland scores again before hitting Bayern Munich: “Improvement” – sport

Dortmund (dpa) – For the title fight to intensify, the pursuit of Dortmund’s goal comes too late. At least as a fun component of the Bayern Munich championship celebration, BVB can still do well. Especially since the tournament’s top scorer, Erling Haaland, is back in time for the summit next weekend. “He’s not pain-free,” said … Read more

Useless knowledge about fashion and beauty – why is a hat called a hat?

Did you know that the term “jeans” goes back to the port of the Italian city of Genoa, which was one of the main export ports for cotton? That “thread” was originally a measure of length, equal to the span of two arms outstretched? And “shampoo” actually means “massage” and comes from India? The book … Read more

‘Four Stars Plus’ Documentary in Cinemas: What Patients Really Want – Culture

Venice has many sights, but David Ruben Theis takes a look at the hospital. It’s neatly housed in an old mansion, but the corridors are practically as dull as anywhere else. “Do you want to get better here?” They ask provocatively. He’s the managing director of a district hospital in Thuringia – a visionary who … Read more

Eintracht vs Barcelona: This is how Denis Sol lived the game of the century – Sports

Denis Sol played the “Game of the Century” with Eintracht of Frankfurt at the Camp Nou and also met Alex Mayer. Photo: Sol There are matches you later tell your grandchildren about – and that’s exactly what Denis Saul experienced as a fan of Eintracht Frankfurt in their 3-2 victory over Hessian in the European … Read more

Threatened environments: witness to a rich history of swamps – Wikipedia

“It was an accidental find,” says Tobias Minda. An entomologist from Nauen in the Havelland region of Uckermark was already looking for Stenus beetles. He preferred live bugs for his current research project. In the sparsely populated Okermark, he, along with Berlin environmental activist and beetle expert Jens Esser, had hoped to find specimens of … Read more