Real costs and depreciation: Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI Style

Is the Little Czech with a 95 hp three-cylinder turbo petrol engine a bargain? We measured and calculated. “The luxury Fabia doesn’t just offer a lot of space at the lowest price. It drives and brakes like a big car. Only the weak three-cylinders stain the safe victory.” In a comparison test of three small … Read more

Be Aware of the Risks: Attention Small Investors: Beginners should know this about crypto investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. | newsletter

Raw materials in this article Forex in this article • Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity • Online brokers facilitate entry into the cryptocurrency market • Several risks should be considered Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. While cryptocurrencies were originally seen as a decentralized, independent, and cross-border means of payment, they are now in … Read more

Crazy Culture Crash Festival | Campingl

The festival at Campnagel in Hamburg wants cultural exchange through friction, because “where exchange is not possible, terrorism reigns,” says festival director Branko Zimić. Branko Šimić, I have been in charge of the KRASS Kultur Crash Festival since 2012. Please explain briefly to our readers nationwide why the cultural breakdown is so urgently needed. Branko … Read more

M-Sport Ford aims to win the Puma Hybrid Rally1 in Tarmac Rally Croatia

04/20/2022 – 09:05 Ford-Werke GmbH cologne (ots) Around 368 kW (500 hp) a powerful hybrid all-wheel drive turbo from M-Sport Ford has already shown how competitive it is in the famous Monte Carlo Rally M-Sport Ford is sending four Puma Hybrid Rally1s into the third round of the current season. There are also 22 other … Read more

Talking Pictures: The Beginning of the Tenth Days of the Graphic Novel in Hamburg | – Culture

Status: 03/02/2022 12:09 PM The comics were discussed in episodes of the series, and prizes were awarded. And when they are published by well-known literary publishers, they are called “graphic novels”. The Hamburg House of Literature is celebrating the tenth day of the graphic novel. by Heide Soltau The theme of the festival on Monday … Read more

Study dispels myth

Homepage advisor health creature: 21/4/2022 4:48 am to: Ferry Halberstadt split Analyzing the data, Pontzer found that marathon runners’ calories first need to be increased, but then decreased and adjusted. (avatar) © Jürgen Ritter / Imago Images There are many ways to lose weight: diet, exercise or fasting. But sport alone does not achieve what … Read more