Lobster song – reviews and trailer for the movie – theatrical releases

08/12/2022 11:07 (Law 12/08/2022 11:11) American author and zoologist Delia Owens has been the best-selling novel “The Lobster Song” worldwide. Now comes the captivating story of mysterious swamp girl Kia, who is abandoned by her family and raised alone in the North Carolina wilderness. In the blockbuster middle of summer, comes a beautiful, visually stunning … Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2022: These deals are still attractive

money Ads Prime Day 2022 – These offers are still available Published on 07/19/2022 | Reading time: 9 minutes The most exciting Prime Day deals at a glance Once a year, online retailer Amazon organizes a “Prime Day”: countless discounted items designed to entice consumers to buy. But which products are actually the cheapest? You … Read more

She knows how to kill, but she doesn’t know how to salute the GDR pioneers

If the Stasi is useful for one thing, then as a source of intrigue: the German Democratic Republic, the country of ancient conflicts, tragedies and clowning. Betrayal was institutional. The unofficial collaborators outfitted themselves with legends and tampered with the course of their goals. And the citizens, somewhat for the sake of peace, adhered to … Read more

Panic in ARD – The Unrepairable Public Service Announcer

The fact that Patricia Schlesinger was quickly brought down by fellow filmmakers and urged to resign can be explained by the fact that the chiefs of public broadcasting were motivated by concern that the Schlesinger affair would become a public broadcast issue. Because basically that, the reason for public broadcasting becomes especially clear only with … Read more

“Olivia” from Zipfelbuben conquers the charts

August 12 2022 @11:53 am Mallorca hit in Yuchen : “Olivia” conquered by Zipfelbuben charts From left: Florian Felsch, Dirk Ostermann and Timo Schulz break into the charts as Die Zipfelbuben with “Olivia”. Photo: Zipfelbuben Juechen Olivia is thrilling in the wake of Leyla – what appears to be a supposed race is actually a … Read more

Prime Day TV: The Ultimate TV Shows That Are Worth It Now

BWhen buying a TV, there are almost no higher price limits. The trend is toward ever larger devices with sharper precision than ever before. On Amazon Prime Day, you have the opportunity to buy TVs at discounted prices. However, the offer is huge. Here you can find out the most important things about current models … Read more

New on Netflix August 2022: Movies and series start August 12

Watched the last episode of your favorite series? Fortunately, Netflix has a regular supply. For each month, the streaming giant publishes a list of highlights that expand the show. Including series, movies, documentaries and popular shows. We’ll list what’s coming soon here. Read more after the announcement Read more after the announcement New on Netflix: … Read more

‘Fack ju Göhte’ star in revenge campaign: These are this week’s broadcast tips

Updated on 08/12/2022 at 10:28 AM Netflix, Amazon, WOW and Co: This is the schedule for your streaming week. Among them: a nostalgic trip to East Germany with Gila Haas and a copy of Fresh Air in the Marvel Universe. These exciting movies and series are new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, WOW, Apple TV+, … Read more

De Noche los Gatos son Pardos – Swiss Locarno Competition film This is not a street sweeper – Culture

Contents The Swiss film “De Noche los Gatos son Pardos” by Valentin Merz was not a standout despite the murders and zombies. author: Michael Sennhauser Switzerland’s entry in this year’s Locarno competition is certainly not the highlight. Whether you want to see it as a low point depends on your own expectations. Her wordplay-rich title … Read more