Omicron’s new ‘alarming’ variants: Here’s what we know about BA.4 and BA.5

WHO lists it as ‘alarming’: ‘naughty boom’: Epidemiologist warns of new Omicron siblings According to BA.2, the World Health Organization classifies two other Omikron siblings as “related”. They are called BA.4 and BA.5. According to epidemiologist Eric Vegel-Ding, mutation of variants can be particularly problematic. What we know about the distribution, infection, and prevention of … Read more

What emerges in knowledge? Many hear it – but no one knows anything

Message from 03/26/2022 Written by Catherine Behner Over and over in the past few weeks, the citizens of Knowledge were stunned by a dull explosion. The March 25 case did not receive any reports from the police. However, people get anxious and sometimes freak out from their sleep. Who takes care of enlightenment? The mayor … Read more

Federal State Before a Change of Power?: What You Should Know About the Saarland Election

Overview Status: 03/27/2022 07:02 AM The election year begins in Saar – and there may be a change in power. Why parties in Berlin should not underestimate the signs from Saar, the names and numbers you should know – an overview. Initial mode Peter Muller, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Tobias Hans-Saarland has been in the hands of … Read more

“We want to know: What next?”

Anyone walking in Frankfurt am Main these days is going to encounter many more Russian speakers than they have in years. Especially around some hotels, language is almost dominant. But you do not meet the usual visitors to the trade fair before the epidemic, nor tourists, but above all women, children and old people who … Read more

Blog – War in Ukraine

April 15: Education unions demanded that politicians clarify how to educate Ukrainian children. As the functional and spatial situation in schools is constantly getting worse, I expect the Education Ministers Conference to not only calculate the needs, but also define precisely what they will doThe President of the Education and Training Association (VBE), Udo Beckmann, … Read more

Many Germans do not know anything about their illness

Chronic high blood pressure causes no symptoms but increases the risk of life-threatening cardiovascular disease. How to interpret the signs in time. High blood pressure is one of the most common diseases in Germany. For a long time, the disease goes unnoticed, often showing only mild symptoms. But these easily mask possible secondary diseases. High … Read more

Frank Elstner reveals the secret of “Wetten, dass…?”

InterviewCelebrating the 80th birthday On April 19, Frank Elstner will turn 80 years old. Reveals the inventor of the movie “Wetten, dass…?” What’s his life like between babysitting, jungle camp, and theater terrors. In an interview with t-online. Frank Elstner calls very early for the agreed phone interview. “We can also talk on the phone … Read more