What parents should know about it

It is unimaginable suffering and one of the most painful experiences a parent can have: when a child dies suddenly and for no apparent reason. The night before, the baby appeared to be otherwise healthy, as several affected parents reported. But the next morning they found their child lying in bed. The mysterious defect is … Read more

Science – monkeypox in more and more countries – Wikipedia

MADRID / LONDON / BERLIN (DPA) – Cases of monkeypox that are already rare have now been detected in more and more countries – now also in Spain, Portugal and the USA. The CDC said Wednesday that a person from Northeastern Massachusetts has been infected. On Wednesday, the Europa Press news agency, citing health authorities … Read more

PEAQ, KOENIC, ISY and .ok: What you should know about Saturn’s brands

Inexpensive but high quality: What you should know about the inexpensive brands of Saturn PEAQ, KOENIC, ISY, .ok Friday, 05/06/2022, 16:39 Many large online retailers boast cheap private labels as an alternative to expensive brand name products – including electronics giant Saturn. From household appliances to entertainment devices: in Saturn you will find many high-quality … Read more

This is what you want to know!

When precipitation comes from above, cars are protected from hail, storms and rain. This is thanks to the well-sealed body. However, car parks and roads near bodies of water can be flooded during heavy rain, causing water From the bottom He increases. Cars usually handle water spray well. However, if water gets into the car, … Read more

Traffic – What you need to know about the 9 euro monthly ticket – Economy

Berlin (dpa) – Local public transport across Germany may not have been cheap at all: with special €9 monthly tickets, millions of people should be able to take buses and trains anywhere in the republic in June, July and August. Through the special campaign, the Traffic Lights Alliance also wants to spare non-drivers from higher … Read more