DGAP-News: CSR Comment #3/2022: Know, Don’t Act

Disclaimer of Markets within Media GmbHWilhelm Lochner Platz 1204107 Leipzig (hereinafter referred to as “MIM”) 1. General The information on the BörsenNEWS.de portal and the linked sites is intended only for persons with a permanent place of residence/registered office in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is not intended for beneficiaries in other jurisdictions, in … Read more

Is stagflation coming? What you need to know as an investor

This means stagflation The word stagflation is a combination of stagnation and inflation. Prices rise significantly, but at the same time there is no economic growth, at worst, growth even decreases. The catalysts are called supply shocks as a result of higher prices – as is currently the case with higher energy prices due to … Read more

Researchers: Climate variability determines human evolution – Wikipedia

Researchers have long suspected that human evolution has been linked to how the climate has changed over the past millennia. However, an international team of climate physicists, anthropologists and geologists has shown how close this link is. As researchers in the journal temper nature In the report, changes in climate not only determined where prehistoric … Read more

Science – Study: Less and Less Nitrogen Available in Ecosystems – Wikiwand

Annapolis (dpa) – In many ecosystems, the usable nitrogen content has been declining for decades. American scientists draw attention to this. Nitrogen is a vital element because it is necessary for building proteins (proteins). According to the researchers, several observations indicate that a decrease in nitrogen that can be used by microorganisms and plants is … Read more

Medal rain for the Ronrad division at DJK Wissens-Selbach

Press release on 04/15/2022 Recently, the Rhineland-Palatinate Gymnastics on Wheels Championship was held at Knowledge, organized by DJK Knowledge-Selbach to celebrate the club’s centenary. After a two-year hiatus in competition, more than 90 gymnasts, nearly a third of whom are DJK Wissen-Selbach, have started. After a two-year hiatus in competition, more than 90 gymnasts, nearly … Read more