Oberhausen: This is where Ukrainian refugees get their information

Oberhausen. Ukrainians who fled the war in their homeland and reached Oberhausen will find important information here. Where do Ukrainians who had to flee the war receive in their homeland Oberhausen help? What documents do you need? For example, how do you get a health insurance card? Or can it work? have Important questions for … Read more

Corona: Immigration office in Duisburg reports travel problems

Duisburg. The Immigration Office in Duisburg confirms that travel outside Germany is only possible with official certificates of legal residence. [xfj Npobuf mboh jtu ejf =tuspoh?Bvtmåoefscfi÷sef=0tuspoh? jo =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/ef0tubfeuf0evjtcvsh0# ujumfµ#xxx/xb{/ef#?Evjtcvsh=0b? xfhfo efs =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/ef0tubfeuf0evjtcvsh0evjtcvsh.dpspob.jogj{jfsuf.uftut.ofvjogflujpofo.ofxtcmph.je33978953:/iunm# ujumfµ#xxx/xb{/ef#?Dpspob.Qboefnjf=0b? gýs efo Qvcmjlvntwfslfis hftdimpttfo hfxftfo/ Jo wjfmfo Gåmmfo lpoouf jo ejftfs [fju piof Wpstqsbdif fjof bvtmåoefssfdiumjdif =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/ef0tubfeuf0evjtcvsh0evjtcvsh.bvtmbfoefsbnu.xjmm.wjtvnbousbh.epdi.fsofvu.qsvfgfo.je33:1579:4/iunm# ujumfµ#xxx/xb{/ef#?Foutdifjevoh=0b? ýcfs … Read more

Germany abandoned stranded foreign students

Engy Ashraf shows the imaginary testimony comfortably. The document that had to fight for two months to be able to return to Germany. © Sandra Wolf Ingy Ashraf, 23, an Egyptian psychology student at the University of Dusseldorf, visited her family at home during term breaks. Then the borders closed – the Corona pandemic. Suddenly, … Read more

Helping Ukrainian refugees: Volunteers complain about obstacles

April 12, 2022 at 6:33 pm Helping Ukrainian refugees : Volunteers complain about obstacles Volunteers Krista and Axel Leroy of Düren, who help Ukrainian refugees, believe the bureaucratic effort has the potential for improvement. They have reported several visits to the authorities at Town Hall. Photo: MHA / Merve Polat Doreen Fortunately, there are enough … Read more

The series ǀ Beyond the White Look – Friday

The nine-and-a-half minutes before the violent death of George Floyd has also become a symbol of US police racism around the world due to its distribution as video clips on mobile phones. On the other hand, the case of Kiomars Javadi, who died in August 1987 in the courtyard of a Tübingen grocery store after … Read more

Post-immigration perspectives in German film: Diversity is still not a matter of culture

Hip-hop, t-shirts, well-worn hats, breakdancing: it all sounds like Los Angeles at first, but “Fake Soldiers” is a short film from Germany. The focus is on Tamu, a black German with African roots, and he lets his friend talk him into acting like African Americans because the American style of American soldiers is more popular … Read more

Refugees in Starnberg: District manager wants to change course – Starnberg

Asylum workers report that the Starnberg Immigration Office is increasingly withdrawing work permits from refugees who have been working in the Starnberg area for years. Recently, a well-integrated Iranian asylum seeker was threatened with deportation when he presented his passport as required. When groups of assistants and employers put themselves in front of people to … Read more