How dangerous is it to us and our planet?

Frascati/Nordvik. They are the remnants of pieces from the composition of our solar system. Humanity might not have existed without it – but it is also threatened: asteroids may have brought the basis of all life to Earth – but their impact today could have disastrous consequences. However, humanity is not defenseless. “This is the … Read more

How women suffer from polygamy in Africa

“While that is considered persecution in the West, the majority there think the concept is acceptable.” This is what one of Spiegel’s authors wrote about polygamy in Senegal – though, without providing a survey or similar evidence. It sounds like satire when the magazine talks about a Senegalese woman who claims to have “studied gender … Read more

Juliette Binoche, Penelope Cruz, Sabine Timoteo in the new films

WThe hat is real, which is correct? Who are you really? Can a person lie to tell the truth? Whether it’s because of a fear of fake news, Instagram filters, or simply because this question is always so central to the imagination: right now, a lot of movies are about what you can believe and … Read more

Crime: Twin sisters invent a very dangerous app

excitement Twin sisters create an incendiary app Updated: 06/25/2022, 18:00 | Reading time: 5 minutes Twins Samira (left) and Sarah Masoud of Newallermohi wrote a book: “Your silence is worth its weight in gold.” Pictured: Christina Roekert In their book, Samira and Sarah Masoud send five friends on a murderous horror journey and turn to … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – Flirt cycle in storm winds

Gorton Theater | June 24, 2022 Strong winds but not a drop of rain until the end of the game. The comedy “flöö – Learn to Flirt in 90 Minutes” by author and director Livia Ann Richard delighted guests of the premiere on local Mount Gorten in Bern last Wednesday and caused lasting laughter. In … Read more