You won’t get my pride!

Darkness is nothing but a dramatic leap and few movies are interrupted. Martha Liebermann, who had just received the Berlin Assembly on the 80th anniversary of her husband Max in 1927, steps through the hall of the stately villa in Wannsee straight into 1943 as if through a time tunnel. Now you can see in … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – Lots of fanfare about “Blonde”

movie review | October 9, 2022 No sooner had Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe’s “Blonde” celebrated its famous Cannes premiere than the controversy began. Now the nearly three-hour saga can be watched on Netflix, director Andrew Dominic’s criticism of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel doesn’t want to fade. The mixture has lengths and is sometimes annoying. The … Read more

Language is the real home

German-Egyptian journalist Annabel Wahba reveals her family’s dramatic story between Upper Bavaria and the Nile Delta. In her animated book “The Chameleon” she narrates different ways of adapting to the new environment. AZ: Mrs. Wehbe, the narrative framework of your book is very sad, your brother’s death.Annabel Wahba: This experience was the reason for writing … Read more

It’s about abortion | daily mail

This year’s Nobel Prize in Literature was expected. Not that French writer Annie Ernault will understand it, but it has to be about the general public. Here comes the role of the desire to have an abortion. The Nobel Prize for Literature has a history.In addition to several literary awards, this is not the first … Read more

A Thousand Lines of Criticism – Author: Professor X

Rating: 3.5 / 5 Die Chronik’s star reporter Lars Bogenius (Jonas Nay) inspires audiences with his detailed and emotional reporting. As noted by his boss Rainer M. Habicht (Michael Martins) and Christian Eichner (Jörg Hartmann) that. Meanwhile, freelance journalist Juan Romero (Elias Mubarak) finds inconsistencies in Pugenius’ writings and does his own research. Romero is … Read more