German courses for refugees: the authorities are moving fast – Stuttgart

In a language school in the city center, refugees from Ukraine learn German. Photo: M/rta Popowska The demand for language courses is high, but you can not keep up with this in official offices. A language school in Stuttgart offers non-bureaucratic assistance and is now looking for donations. Ukrainian Anna puts on a CD. Dialogues … Read more

Employment of refugees from Ukraine | staff

Helping refugees from Ukraine get access to the job market is futile and involves a lot of bureaucracy – so columnist Christian Drost-Klemp believed until recently. But then personal experience forced her to take a closer look at the legal requirements. On a very cold, sunny Sunday morning I went out with our dog in … Read more

Mother and daughter have to leave Kharkiv which they fought so hard

Homepage Sweetened Garmisch-Partenkirchen Garmisch-Partenkirchen creature: 04/08/2022, 4:30 PM to: Katherine Brombauer split, rip Safe: Violetta Ryashikova (left) and her mother, Natalia Nestrenko, from northeastern Ukraine, found shelter with a family in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. © Private In the early days of the war, they still had hope that things would not get so bad. As the shootings … Read more

Refugees in Hamburg: How Ukrainians find a job in the city

Hamburg. They waited patiently in the rain on the sidewalk in front of the 3G entrance control: 500 people from Ukraine, mostly women, met Thursday morning at Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Informed of job opportunities as well as offers of support and advice in the Encounter Market. About 30 companies, including restaurant chain block houseHotel … Read more

Caps: A City Prepared for Ukraine’s Refugee Stream | News from Kamen on

Mayor Elk Cabinby Alex Green came. On March 14, 66 refugees from Ukraine arrived in Kamen, while their number has already reached 277 – and the trend is rising. And as long as the Russian war of aggression continues, a further increase in the number of refugees must be expected. Kamen is assuming 500 to … Read more

Helping Ukrainian refugees: Volunteers complain about obstacles

April 12, 2022 at 6:33 pm Helping Ukrainian refugees : Volunteers complain about obstacles Volunteers Krista and Axel Leroy of Düren, who help Ukrainian refugees, believe the bureaucratic effort has the potential for improvement. They have reported several visits to the authorities at Town Hall. Photo: MHA / Merve Polat Doreen Fortunately, there are enough … Read more

Mysin region: Ukrainian refugees sought in the labor market

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