A new novel by Leona Stallman – Munich

A new novel by Leona Stallman – Munich

Venice has already sunk into the sea. Daily life is affected by floods, droughts, temperatures over 47 degrees and plastic waste that spoils bathing in the sea. People sit in their dorms, stare at screens and move their thumbs across the screens. “The rule was: There can never be pictures. The truth was: We didn’t … Read more

Extrabrite’s Kai Havaye writes again: Thriller

Hagen Extrabreit leader Kai Havaii wrote a history of music. Now he writes books. This is his second exciting movie: Hyperion. Bvg efs Cýiof xjse efs Nboo tp hfgfjfsu- ebtt ft gýs fjo Nfotdifoljoe tdipo gbtu {v wjfm jtu/ Tåohfs jtu fs- Gspounboo efs cflboouftufo Ofvf.Efvutdif.Xfmmf.Cboe/ Qpqtubs/ Qspkflujpotgmådif/ Lmjtdiffusåhfs voe Jepm {vhmfjdi/ Jo tfjofs Ifjnbutubeu … Read more

Welcoming community. Concrete utopia

In 16 reports, Lucas Geisler reports on civil society initiatives, projects, and people working on the tangible utopia of a different and open society. The second excerpt from the book deals with the theoretical inclusion of reports in the Welcome Society – an exclusive introductory publication. to Luke Geisler Wednesday October 5, 2022, 3:00 pm|Last … Read more

Old school Solnhofen starts Friday with a new cabaret program – Solnhofen

– With its 29th cabaret programme, Förderverein offers a diverse mix. Michael Altinger will start on Friday. The first event in the new cabaret program at the “Alte Schule” in Solnhofen is entitled “Lichtblick”. And those responsible for the association “Alte Schule” especially supportive of such a thing hope in the third year of Corona. … Read more

We reviewed all of Karner’s studies

Image Weingartner / picturedesk.com Science is one thing, and Gerhard Karner’s diploma thesis is another. After allegations of plagiarism by Stefan Weber, a perverted light is now being shed on the entire academic work of the Minister of the Interior. Did he perhaps also copy from his other works? Science is facing a massive collapse. … Read more

Velberter Wim Martin has written a new novel

filbert. Velbert Wim Martin’s new novel is set between Nice and Nevej. The pilgrimage cathedral has a very special role in it. Tbo Gsbodjtdp-Oj {{b-Ofwjhft- efs Cbmefofztff; Gýs = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / xb {/ef0tubfeuf0wfmcfsu0wfmcfsufs.tdisjgutufmmfs.nfjo.cvdi.jtu.lfjo.tdinveefmlsbn.je344697174/iunm# / xjumf {/ xxxef tfjofo ovonfis ovonfis Spn = gýogub = 0 nju efn Ujufm ‟Efs Fjogbmmt eft … Read more

ARD, ORF and Superfilm produce ‘Kafka’ mini-series | NDR.de – NDR – Press

Status: 05.10.2022 10:30 AM The most-read German writer in the world is: Franz Kafka, whose death falls on the centenary of his death in June 2024. To celebrate the occasion, all ARD broadcasters (NDR, WDR, SWR, BR, MDR, RBB, HR, SR and Radio Bremen) will produce the project ” KAFKA” in co-production with ORF and … Read more

ARD, ORF and Superfilm produce “Kafka” mini-series

05.10.2022 – 10:30 NDR / first Hamburg (OTS) The most widely read German writer in the world is considered: Franz Kafka, whose death centenary falls in June 2024. On this occasion, all ARD stations (NDR, WDR, SWR, BR, MDR, RBB, HR, SR and Radio Bremen) will produce the project “KAFKA”. In co-production with ORF and … Read more

Lower Saxony: elections without prosperity?

Hanover. The message comes at the right time, looks like a reply. It’s Thursday last week Bernd Althusmann, the CDU frontrunner in Lower Saxony, is standing in the pedestrian zone of Wolfsburg, on the market square, angry at the traffic lights in Berlin. He accuses her of indecisiveness, negativity and lack of planning, “this mess … Read more