The night of the Ukraine war: Russia expands its air strikes

The tragic situation in Azowstal meAccording to unanimous Ukrainian and Russian information, the ceasefire in the battle of Azustal on Saturday made it possible to rescue the last civilians from their hiding places. But for the remaining soldiers, the situation is desperate. The commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Serhiy Wolinsky, wrote on Facebook that … Read more

ESC live tape: Harris owner hopes Ukraine win – boos at rehearsal

He lives Eurovision Song Contest German ESC candidate hopes Ukraine wins – boos at rehearsal As of: 6:40 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes Ukraine is the favorite in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest Shortly before the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) final in Turin, Ukraine cemented its role as the best player. Even after the … Read more

“Discover Museums with Joy” on Museum Day in the North | – Culture

Status: 05/13/2022 2:40 PM subordinate The theme for this year’s International Museum Day is “Discover museums with joy”. On Sunday (May 15), museums around the world offer guided tours, excursions, markets, concerts, or craft activities, with admission often free. There are about 1,700 museums in Germany alone. listen to another 2 minutes by Helgard Füchsel … Read more

“Culture at the edge of the pond” in Dillweißenstein – PF-BITS

Raphael Morley’s character “Oscar” Schneider answers “citizens’ questions” at Nagold’s outdoor pool For a sunny early summer weekend, there was culture at the pool edge at the Nagold outdoor pool on Friday. (reading time: 4 Minutes) Sunrise, blue skies and a cold drink in hand. About 180 visitors followed the invitation of the Nagoldfreibad association … Read more

Appeals against violence and war at the beginning of the play The Passion – Culture

After a two-year delay, Oberammergau celebrates the premiere of Passion Play. Form: The Bible, which offers modern templates with its stories of war, flight, expulsion, and poverty. Oberammergau (dpa) – The Passion play in Oberammergau has opened with calls for peace from the Catholic and Protestant churches. “Violence does not have the last word, force … Read more

What is the relationship between the Yugoslav war and Ukraine?

Not only in the televised speech on May 8, but also in his conversation with Vladimir Putin on February 15, the Federal Chancellor expressed an idea similarly expressed by German intellectuals. “War in Europe has become out of the question for my generation, and we must ensure that it continues like this,” Olaf Schultz said … Read more

Premiere of “Revolution” Martinwich in Hamburg | – Culture

Status: 05/14/2022 11:41 AM Viktor Martynovic’s novel “Revolution” received great attention in 2021. Czech director Dusan David Paczyk brought the material to the stage at the Hamburg Schuspelhaus. listen to another 4 minutes by Katya Wise The blue suit suits her, hairstyle too. “My name is Mikhail, and Mikhail Alekseevich is German, and I am … Read more

Trapped in the Tower – Uwe Tellkamp’s new novel “The Sleep of the Clocks”

back dam.What a novel! Literary critics agreed and refined. In 2008, Uwe Tellkamp told the story of the end of the GDR in nearly 1,000 pages in “Der Turm” with powerful language and atmospheric imagery. Read more after the announcement Read more after the announcement The book was hailed as the long-awaited “Wenderoman” and is … Read more