Who can reserve Prime Video for only €3.99

Since mid-August, Prime customers have had to pay more for their membership. What many people don’t know: There is a reduced rate for both students and financially vulnerable people. Below we summarize whether you can withdraw the special tariff and what to consider.

Online shipping giant Amazon They recently raised the price of Prime subscriptions. Customers who have had a premium membership since August 15th pay €89 per year; For existing customers who previously paid €69 per annum, the new price will be due with the first invoice after September 15th.

This is very expensive for many people. If you don’t want to cancel immediately, you can go to certain conditions Also use a discounted subscription model for financially vulnerable people. Then the monthly contribution costs 3.99 euros per month and from January 17, 2023 4.49 euros per month. For this you must have a permanent place of residence in Germany or Austria Exemption from broadcasting license fees Be or one Obtain a social pass.

These groups of people get cheaper Amazon Prime

On the Broadcast Fee website you can see the reduced tariff requirements in detail. Therefore, those who:

  • receive a second unemployment benefit or social benefit,
  • receiving subsistence support in accordance with SGB XII,
  • Recipients of basic security in old age and in case of reduced earning capacity,
  • BAföG, vocational training grant, training allowance according to §§ 122ff. receive SGB III and do not live with parents,
  • receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,
  • Assistance for the blind, assistance with care according to SGB XII, assistance with care as a benefit of caring for war victims according to BVG, care allowances according to the Burden Equalization Act or care allowance according to state regulations.

In addition, the following people can also be exempted from airtime fees and thus obtain a Prime subscription at a reduced rate:

  • Persons who have been granted an exemption because of their need for care,
  • Adults residing in an inpatient facility as part of a benefit grant.

In order to be able to obtain a social pass, you must:

  • Advantages according to SGB II,
  • subsistence allowance according to SGB XII,
  • basic security in old age and in case of reduced earning capacity in accordance with SGB XII,
  • benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,
  • Receiving a housing allowance with at least three children who are entitled to child allowance or
  • Be severely disabled with a disability score of at least 80 percent or a household with a severely disabled child (a disability score of at least 50 percent), or
  • The net income should be less than the limit of exemption from seizure.

If you meet one of these requirements and have a social media pass or are exempt from the radio license fee, you can Amazon Prime is for financially vulnerable people on this site Apply for: Register here

Cheaper model for trainees and students

If you are studying at a college or university in Germany or Austria or doing initial vocational training, you can receive Amazon Prime for Students when you present your Certificate of Enrollment. Here you pay €44.90 per year instead of €89. Students can use Amazon Prime Student for a maximum of five years.

particularly attractiveThere is currently a campaign for interns and students to use Amazon Prime Use it for free for six months And only pay the discounted price from the seventh month.

for You can register for Amazon Prime for Students at this site: Click here to sign up

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