“The Watcher”: The True Story Behind the Netflix Series

With “The Watcher,” the Netflix mystery thriller series that is based on real events and thus fits in with the current real crime hype begins. You can find out more about the real story behind the hit series in the article.


Nora (Naomi Watts) and Dean (Bobby Cannavale) have just moved in, but their dream of a home soon turns into a nightmare.

Mystery thriller series “The Watcher” has been available on Netflix since October 13 and is already #1 in the streaming platform’s top 10 most popular series. In the seven-episode miniseries, the Brannock couple (Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale) and their children move to a new home in the American suburbs. But soon her happiness is in danger Vague threatening messages make their lives hell.

The unknown stalker calls himself “The Watcher” and seems to know the home and living conditions of the Brannocks well. As a strange sender of messages as well Strange and dangerous statements for their children It’s clear: a dream home has become a nightmare. Whoever thinks that the creepy story of “The Watcher” was fictitious is unfortunately mistaken, because the series Based on actual eventsfirst published in a 2018 article for New York Magazine.

Even before moving on: The Broaddus family has been receiving scary letters


Some neighbors are acting very strange – are they responsible for the anonymous threatening messages?

The couple’s real names Derek and Maria Broadus. In fact, they have not two but three kids and bought the house with them The address is 657 Boulevard in the small town of Westfield, USA in New Jersey around $1.4 million. At first they wanted to renovate the house, but before they could move in, they received threatening messages from an unknown person who was apparently watching the renovations closely and even Know the names of the three children. The person who signed “The Watcher” also claimed that the house had been watched a long time ago, according to an article in the online magazine The Cut:

“My grandfather viewed the house in the 1920s and my father watched it in the 1960s. It’s my turn now. Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what lies between the walls of 657 Boulevard? Why are you here? You will find out.”

In another letter, the person Threatening statements to children From the Broadus Family: “Should you fill the house with the little blood you asked for?” “Little Blood” was mentioned again and again in the letters, and the person seemed troubled by the renovations: “The house is crying over all the pain he has to go through. They changed him and made him all right. They stole his story.”

The Brodos family couldn’t stand the pressure


In “The Watcher,” an unknown stalker terrorizes a family that has just moved into their dream home.

The situation is becoming increasingly oppressive for the Broadus family, as The police failed to trace the sender of the messages could. Many private investigators were unable to find the stalker either. The only clues were Character analysis and DNA sample. Both pointed to an older woman who lived nearby, but all traces ultimately led nowhere.

With Derek and Maria Brodos under such pressure from psychological terror and concerned for their children’s safety, they finally decide to make it happen. House for sale againbefore they move on. 657 Boulevard was about Sold for $950,000 – just under $400,000 when the Broaddus family paid the buyout price. They left a note for the new owners saying, “We wish them nothing but the peace and quiet we once dreamed of in this house.” They also left a picture in The Observer’s handwriting in case the new owners got messages from him or her too – but this hasn’t happened yet.

The issue has not been resolved to this day

That’s how it is It has not been resolved to this day Even in the Netflix series, the Observer’s identity remains a mystery. In fact, Netflix contacted the real-life Broaddus family and gave them a go I bought the rights to use the story And you made a few dates. Netflix did not contact the families of the victims of the true crime series “Dahmer” and had to come under fire for it. Mariah and Derek had two demands and one suggestion for Netflix: that the characters be in the series Not their real names They should have and look as little as possible like them. Also, they wouldn’t mind if the house on the show burned down at the end. However, according to an article in online magazine The Cut, the real-life Broadus family has yet to watch The Watcher on Netflix, and Derek said he has no plans to.

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