Prime Video cancels “Night Sky.”

view | With “Night Sky,” Amazon Prime Video has canceled one of its biggest streaming debuts yet in 2022 after just one season. Our editor Michael Hill thinks: Even series fans who haven’t watched “Night Sky” should be upset about it.

It’s a sad fact: If you are a fan of a good sci-fi series, this is not easy at the moment. A masterful epic like “Westworld” is currently in its fourth season and has ratings in the US and Germany that will have fans worried. HBO Max recently announced in the US that the brilliant and experimental sci-fi tale “Raised by Wolves” will be canceled after two seasons – publicly ending and leaving nothing but a handful of disappointed fans.

Amazon Prime Video has now joined the ranks. In May, the drama “Night Sky” debuted with the presenter as one of his most elaborate productions to date and was pleased with rave reviews. But the Starry Space Series It is now history again. There will not be another season Again, the open end remains open. A decision that repeatedly disturbs and shakes confidence in streaming service providers.

Romance Sci-Fi: The Story of “The Night Sky”

Amazon Prime Video

Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons are adorable as lovers in Night Sky.

To bring a series like Night Sky into the current streaming jungle is an achievement in itself. The series follows elderly couple Franklin (JK Simmons) and Erin York (Sissy Spacek), who years ago discover a room in their backyard shed containing A portal to another deserted planet Located. Together they used the portal over the years to look at the stars in a very different way and saw the alien planet as their love nest, giving them comfort in bad times. But her secret is about to be revealed when a young man (Chai Hansen) enters her life who seems to know more than he should.

“Night Sky” was less of a mystery along the lines of “Lost” than it sounds. This was about A slow, quiet, contemplative love story Two seniors who have retained their ability to amaze over decades, to be inspired by the stars and still love each other like day one. When the portal is threatened, it is a disaster for both of them, as it also endangers many shared memories. At the same time, the events spark their curiosity: where does the portal actually come from? Why is he in her garden? And does all this matter?

Science fiction fans will miss “Night Sky”.

Amazon Prime Video

In English, sights are called a “sense of wonder” if they startle you. “Night Sky” is full of such moments.

You can find out the description of the content: “Night Sky” is not “Star Wars”, and it is not an action seriesNot a very fast paced series. But in doing so, she struck a tension among sci-fi fans that had long been left untouched: People have been telling sci-fi stories for over 100 years. There have been stories of trips to the moon long before Neil Armstrong was even born. Science fiction as a genre takes us to worlds we could not even dream of. It makes our eyes widen and wonder. Turns adults into children. That’s why “2001: A Space Odyssey” remains the most important sci-fi movie ever made, and why “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” remains a masterpiece despite its antiquity.

“Night Sky” was just: A series about and for people who can and want to be amazed, who take the time to appreciate both the small and the big–both the mysterious gateway straight to the stars and the humble life of teamwork. But with that slow and sensitive cut, so was “Night Sky.” Maybe it’s too slow in the fast-paced world of streamingas content has long become a more important buzzword than content.

After many dismissals: Are streaming services losing our trust?

But just for that reason, dropping “Night Sky” with an open ending is one such reason Wrong decision – Either way. After Netflix’s big wave of cancellations in the past, which fell victim to “Glow” and “Jupiter’s Legacy,” and HBO Max’s decision to cancel production of “Raised by Wolves” (here at WOW) without plausible outcome, Amazon Prime Video now also proves to be unreliable. them.

Why should viewers keep investing energy, time, and love into new shows when they can never be sure if they’re worth the effort? So the cancellation of “Night Sky” must make us all sad.

If stories about love and passion are no longer worth telling to the end – then what?

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