All new series, movies and documentaries coming to Netflix in December 2022 can be found here in the overview.


Our recommendation – December 2022

After Disney ventured to remake the classic Pinocchio story earlier this year, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s (Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) award-winning variant is coming to Netflix in December. Del Toros “Pinocchio” Created in love with detail work as a stop motion movie.

“The Witcher: Blood Origin” The series takes place 1,200 years before the events of the main series. The book’s premise deals with the elven civilization before its fall, the rise of the first wizard and the events leading up to the coupling of the spheres. The cast includes Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere, Star Trek: Discovery), Lenny Henry (The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Broadchurch) and Dylan Moran (Shaun of the Dead, Black Box).

And of course the Christmas spirit shouldn’t be missing in December and neither should Netflix “Scrooge: The Christmas Music”And the “delivery before christmas”And the “I believe in Santa” And the “Holiday Christmas” There will be something for Christmas lovers and munts alike

New to Netflix this December


series Meeting
End 1.12.22
SWAT: Season Four 1.12.22
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN – Episodes 25-38 1.12.22
Always There for You: Season Two 2.12.22
hot skull 2.12.22
My Unconventional Life: Season Two 2.12.22
La Fleur Mas Bella 7.12.22
smiley 7.12.22
I hate Christmas 7.12.22
Hands off! (United States): Season Four 7.12.22
The appearance 8.12.22
Magical Things Club 8.12.22
Dragon Age: Absolution 9.12.22
Money Heist: Korea Part 2 9.12.22
How to spoil Christmas 9.12.22
Dream House Makeover: Season Four 9.12.22
cat 9.12.22
behind every star 12/13/22
Get Out of Singles Hell: Season Two 12/13/22
Gudetama: A Wonderful Adventure 12/13/22
Reeds are decorative material 12.14.22
Christmas storm 12/16/22
Recruit 12/16/22
Paradise PD: Part 4 12/16/22
away from home 12/16/22
Cook at any cost 12/16/22
summer job 12/16/22
dancing monsters 12/16/22
Emily in Paris: Season Three 12/21/22
Alice in Borderland: Season Two 12/22/22
Dale, Dale, Dale! 12/23/22
The Witcher: Origin of Blood 12/25/22
Oh Kangasiro do Futuro 12/25/22
Confused: Season Three 12/25/22
betrayal 12/26/22
The Circle: USA: Season Five 12/28/22
Rise of Empires: The Ottoman Empire: Season Two 12/29/22
Party Aunt Chicago: Part Two 12/30/22
Stringy 12/30/22
Queen of the South: Season Three 12/30/22
Brooklyn Nine Nine: Season Eight 12/30/22
My next guest is with David Letterman and Volodymyr Zelensky December 2022
glory December 2022

The Witcher: Blood Origin begins on Netflix December 25, 2022:

The Witcher: Origin of Blood | Netflix


Movie Meeting
troll 1.12.22
It’s Christmas time 1.12.22
fort 1.12.22
Lady Chatterley’s lover 1.12.22
Scrooge: The Christmas Musical 2.12.22
Future Warriors 2.12.22
The case of Richard Jewell 5.12.22
Delivery before Christmas 6.12.22
matrimillas 7.12.22
Ardiente paciencia 7.12.22
Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro 9.12.22
I believe in Santa 12.14.22
Death train to Yuma 12.14.22
drinking buddies 12/15/22
Big 4 12/15/22
Pardo, the inventor record of a handful of facts 12/16/22
Özel Ders – Private Lessons 12/16/22
Not a very merry Christmas 12/20/22
The Seven Deadly Sins: The Edinburgh Grudge – Part 1 12/20/22
Disconnect: Wedding Planner 12/21/22
the Golden Fish 12/21/22
Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery 12/23/22
Matilda by Roald Dahl – the musical 12/25/22
The way back – the long way 12/26/22
7 Done and a Mistero 12/28/22
Kindergarten evening 12/28/22
Happy new year 12/28/22
white noise 12/30/22
A Quiet Place Part Two 12/30/22

As of December 9, you can watch “Guillermo del Toros Pinocchio” on Netflix:

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro | Official trailer (Netflix)


Series/documentary Meeting
Disguised cheating 1.12.22
“SR.” 2.12.22
whispered the elephant 8.12.22
In broad daylight: Murder in Navarre 8.12.22
Last Chance U: Basketball: Season Two 12/13/22
Kangaroo Valley 12.14.22
Don’t Answer: The Phone Scammer Case 12.14.22
Volcano: Saving Whakaari 12/16/22
I’m a Killer: Season Four 12/21/22

Comedy Specials

Stand-up/comedy programme Meeting
Sebastian Maniscalco Am I? 6.12.22
Tom Papa: What a day! 12/13/22
Who killed Santa? Morderville Murder Mystery 12/15/22
Mathieu Dufour at the Bell Center 12/22/22
Vir Das: Landing 12/25/22
Chelsea Handler: Revolution 12/27/22
The best of Stand Up 2022 12/31/22

Children and families

Series / children’s movie Meeting
Mighty Express: The Great Race 5.12.22
Boss Child: The Christmas Bonus 6.12.22
Sonic Prime 12/15/22
Brown and Friends 12/29/22
Summer in Cielo Grande: Season Two 12/30/22

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