Shireen David stands out after double-standard ad deal: ‘Human shit’

In the eyes of many, Shireen David’s ad deal doesn’t match up to her previous statements. Photo: dpa/Jonas Walzberg

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Shireen David has recently caused a stir for a huge advertising deal for McDonald’s. The fast food chain posted a video on its social media channels last week that caused a stir. The rapper is shown dedicating her music promotional video to the group. The new version of “Love We” pisses many people off. Just a few days later, the criticism was welcomed again. This time due to a video game promotional deal.

Different collaborations, similar claims.

Comments under posts on YouTube and Instagram are positive at first glance. However, if you scroll past the blue ticks of fellow celebrities, the top comments contain almost exclusively negative reactions. When it comes to climate protection, animal welfare and youth protection, the 27-year-old is accused of having a double standard.

Shirin David gave up AMG for environmental reasons

Shireen David is now under fire for a statement she made in the past: When her debut album was released in 2019, she publicly claimed that she ditched her Mercedes-AMG for climate protection reasons.

Very surprised Netzwelt posted a post on Instagram on Tuesday. There the rapper is standing in front of a fat pink car for a new deal. This time it’s promoting the video game “Need for Speed ​​Unbound”, which is set to be released on December 2nd. The brand of the vehicle you’re wearing: Mercedes, of all things.

Contradiction is now flying around the rapper’s ears. One user writes: “But give up AMG for climate protection.” Another comment reads: “You and your double standards.”

Some critical comments suddenly disappeared shortly after they were posted. At least that’s what some people are saying in the comments. Many asked why she was deleting comments.

Another user criticizes: “I think women really lack income. What are these nonsensical ad deals?” In addition to video game collaborations, it alludes to the McDonald’s video, which has caused even more violent reactions.

Heavy criticism of rapper Sherine David: “Money is above all”

Its handling of the fast food chain was mainly criticized for its inconsistent behavior when it came to animal welfare. A comment from a user below the video that the rapper posted on Instagram received a particularly big response. She fired at the rapper sharply and referred to her past:

“The fact that you’ve been a vegetarian/vegan before shows that you’ve dealt with the subject before. And yet a collaboration like this comes true.”

How Shireen David can still work with a company frequently criticized for its negligence in environmental and animal protection is a mystery to the author. Finally I realized: “They must have paid very well.” She described the collaboration and related posts on the rapper’s social media channels as “wasted”.

Another user has a similar opinion: “The constant talk of her about health and sustainability blah blah, and then the advertising for McDonald’s: Exactly comic. Money above all.”

Shireen David - Big Size Party Shireen David arrived at the SUPERSIZE party on the occasion of the release of Shireen David's first album SUPERSIZE, born Barbara Davidavicius, YouTube, Sign ...

Shirin David is currently receiving a lot of criticism. Image: photopress/imagoimages

no wonder. In an Instagram Q&A two years ago, she explained why she doesn’t eat meat. The reason at the time: She was involved in the meat industry and had watched documentaries about it.

For many fans, the fact that she’s advertising for McDonald’s doesn’t fit these statements. After all, the group is repeatedly criticized for its animal welfare and dire consequences for the environment.

It was also noted that the rapper ignored her model role in the ad deal. After all, young people are the main target group and fast food advertising is inappropriate. Given the rising obesity among children and young adults, the advertising scandal is “irresponsible”. One user even called the campaign “human bullshit.”

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