Don’t you feel like you are in the World Cup? 7 alternatives – and where to broadcast them

view | Because of so many controversies, not many feel like going to the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. So our editor Michael Hill has put together 7 alternatives, movies as well as series and documentaries that are primarily about football.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has caused a lot of anger. Quite a few decided to boycott the tournament and broadcast it this year. a Alternative WM software Fortunately, it’s easy to put together the films, series, and documentaries about the tour that belong in the field. But what are the best products to pass the time with?

Series: “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV+

+ AppleTV

Jason Sudeikis as “Ted Lasso” has long been the hero of the series – he is now a playable character in the computer game “FIFA 23”.

In such a list, especially when it comes to football, Ted Laso could not be missing. The comedy series from streaming provider Apple TV+ has progressed from being insider advice to being a true crowd pleaser in recent years and has won several awards. But let’s start from the beginning: it’s about the title character Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), who actually coaches college football in the USA. Surprisingly, he gets a job in the UK as a football coach for a team in the English Premier League (fictional team AFC Richmond) – despite knowing nothing about football. His successor is sports director Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), who wants to introduce her unfaithful ex-husband to the whole world.

Of course things turned out differently and Ted Lasso gradually conquered the hearts of his team, football fans – as well as viewers of the series at home aboard the coach. “Ted Lasso” is a heart-warming comedythat came at the right time. In the midst of Corona’s peak, this sports series inspired a condescension to unconditional optimism. The texts are full of hopeful naivety, the characters are very sympathetic and instead of stringing gags together, they convey a sense of humor. At best, a sport like football connects completely different people: Ted Laso has very close ties to the King of Football.

Movie: “Trautman” in Wow

Square One Entertainment

Trautmann looks at the history of football shortly after World War II.

Football has always been political! The World Cup in Qatar shows that. Even the movie “Trautmann”, which is currently available in streaming on WOW or Sky Go, reminded you of one Scandal in the field of footballWhich also interrupted many viewers. Trautmann tells the story of real-life soccer player Bert Trautmann, who fought as a paratrooper with the German Air Force in World War II. He ends up in a British prison camp where he proves to be a talented goalkeeper in the prison yard. So he signed in England as a footballer with St Helens Town. His persona made big waves when he moved to Manchester City in 1949. About 20 thousand people demonstrated at that time against his appearance on the field.

The film, in which David Cross plays the controversial goalkeeper whose nickname “Trout” went down in the history of the sport, tells the story of the footballer’s life as a drama of guilt and punishment. The story of an exceptional athlete is exciting and intelligent, which doesn’t really fit into any of the boxes it’s ticked. At the same time, this is much more than a football movie or a sports biography: it is about German-British rapprochement and understanding, about learning to tolerate and forgive, and about the political power of sport. Note: every football fan should have seen it.

Series: “The English Game” on Netflix


How football became a sensation around the world? The English Game says so.

Series experts know that Julian Fellowes is an expert on historical material. His movie “Downton Abbey” was one of the formative series of the 2000s, and he has appeared on the big screen twice. There he spoke of the downfall of the British nobility. Then he wrote “The English Game” for Netflix, a masterful mini-series retelling in less than six hours How did football become a mass sport in Britain? – which then spread all over the world. Starting in the 1870s, football was initially an upper-class sport here, but the first working-class clubs, such as Darwen FC and Blackburn FC, were taking shape and also wanted to be taken seriously.

Football is a class struggle? This has already happened — and even if Fellowes generously takes some liberties with “The English Game,” in which he deviates so dramatically from history, the series is a fascinating insight into the origins of a sport that continues to cause such a stir around the world to this day. “Fantastic Beasts” star Kevin Guthrie is particularly excellent here as Scottish footballer Fergus Suter, who has become the absolute star of Darwen FC and thus a threat to the ruling class.

Documentary: “Qatar – World Cup of Shame” at ARD Media Library

The A four-part documentary series “Sport Within” about the 2022 Qatar World Cup It is a real eye opener. Of course, right now, no one should miss how controversial the tournament is internationally: from FIFA’s opaque awarding procedures to thousands of deceased guest workers in Qatar, to the persecution of LGBT people there and many other human rights violations. Investigative journalists from WDR have been researching Qatar for years, following the preparations there for the World Cup and delving deeply into the country’s machinations.

The treatment of these events is harrowing and exciting. In “Qatar – World Cup of Shame” journalists go back to 1993, when Boris Becker paid a six-figure sum for a PR tournament in Qatar. You paint a picture of a coldly calculating nation, which aims to gain a foothold on the world stage through sporting events that will continue to make possible its misanthropic practices. There is talk of one “sports wash”. A security policy funded by FIFA and FC Bayern MunichSponsored by Qatar Airways since 2018.

Movie: “The Miracle of Bern” at Disney+ or free at Joyn

Bavaria Film International

The ‘Miracle of Bern’ is still part of German sporting legend.

Germany’s The Miracle of Bern has long been a classic, although as a historical drama the film is not without controversy. However, he has one thing in store above all else: the most authentic football scenes to be admired in cinema. All of the actors who appear as players in the movie have in fact played at least League One at the club and this one Level of skill and professionalism You can learn from them. Otherwise, this film by Sönke Wortmann is a A great epic about Germany’s unexpected victory in the 1954 World Cupa story about Germany slowly coming to terms with the times of National Socialism and finding an outlet through the team of athletes around coach Sepp Herberger (Peter Frank).

This is a great pity, and it is not for nothing that the “Miracle of Bern” has so far been adapted as a musical. You can certainly notice the over-exaggeration of the football here decisively or you can indulge in perfectly timed gameplay. But this film certainly does not leave anyone indifferent, He is very powerful in his portraits, the characters look very strange and eloquent. The greatest strength of this film is that it does not lose sight of the hardships of daily life in the young republic. Disney+ subscribers will find the movie on sale, and it’s currently available to stream for free on Joyn.

Documentary: “Geheimsache Qatar” at ZDF Media Library

How did Qatar (a country smaller than Hesse) manage to host the World Cup in the desert – in the middle of winter? Sports journalist Jochen Breyer and author Julia Friedrich get to the heart of this question in the ZDF documentary “Geheimsache Qatar”. Based on seven chapters, your hit movie delves in depth The economic structures of the State of Qatar A, The entanglements of the desert state with the Federal Republic of Germany. The renaissance of the emirate of Qatar is dramatically told here, when the world’s largest gas field was discovered off the coast of Qatar in the 1970s – Qatar is now the world’s largest exporter of natural gas.

The History of a family dynasty decoded here, Enlightening and decisive. Particularly interesting: Amnesty International officials comment on the World Cup and event in Qatar and discuss the so-called kafala system prevalent in Qatar, which turns workers (guests) into serfs. Definitely worth knowing if you want to understand why Qatar is so interested in the prestigious project of ‘hosting the World Cup’.

Series: “Captain Tsubasa” on Prime Video Channels

Kazé Germany

Captain Tsubasa has been inspiring children’s soccer for generations.

The adventures of “Captain Tsubasa” have a cult following – at least among anime fans. One Japanese anime series The nursery hit of the ’90s, at that time in RTLZWEI. Today, the Amazon Prime Video aniverse channel has this series on its platform and it stands the test of time. The story revolves around a 12-year-old schoolboy, Tsubasa Ohzora, who dreams of one day winning the World Cup for Japan. With the help of his friends, he trains every free minute until one day he’s really close to his goal. The series caused the rediscovery of soccer in Japan, which until then had been neglected there.

In Germany, the series has amassed a large fan base behind W.H She inspired many from an early age to ball sports. Another series called “Super Kickers 2006 – Captain Tsubasa” followed in the 2000s and since 2018 there has been a remake of “Captain Tsubasa”, which was broadcast on German TV by ProSieben Maxx and released on DVD and Blu-ray in Germany.

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