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Next week, the dark and macabre humorous series “Wednesdays” awaits you on Netflix, centering on the “Addams Family” daughter of the same name. There are also true crime documentaries, Christmas movies, and “Blood, Sex, and Kings.”


Every Sunday we recap next week’s biggest and most important Netflix launches. Some highlights await you again in the next few days – with a little surprise: because while Netflix usually releases top titles on Fridays, this time Wednesday is the biggest starter day of the week with the “Addams Family” set among other things. “Wednesday” and the powerful drama “Die Schwimmerinnen”. But now the end of the introduction, Here are the Netflix highlights for the week of November 21-27, 2022 for you:

Monday is Children’s Day

The week starts really small with two new junior titles: My Little Pony – with a hoof and a heart He goes into the third round on Monday and it looks like he’s going to get Christmas and winter in Equestria, just in time for the cold season. In addition, we expect “Answer Tour with StoryBots”.

Tuesday: Journey through the universe

But on Tuesday, there’s something for the eyes and ears: in the six-part documentary series Universe Morgan Freeman tells in his unique velvety voice the origin of our universe and life on Earth. Definitely good for sleeping too!

Wednesday: Attention “The Addams Family” fans.

As we mentioned earlier in the introduction, Wednesday is likely to be the day that Netflix’s biggest and best launch: With Wednesday For example, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) gets her own series in which she lives in a strange boarding school and investigates a series of murders. Tim Burton (“Edward Heavy Hands”) directed four episodes:

You can also expect dramas based on real events bathers About Yousra (Natalie Issa) and Sarah Mardini (Manal Issa), whose escape from war-torn Syria eventually leads them to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Also present: Matthias Schweegwer.

The series also deserves attention Blood, sex and royalty Care, which on paper is a historical documentary series, but attempts to spice up the boring transmission of history with sex, violence, and evil. We’ll find out on Wednesday if that works.

You can also access a documentary about the Holocaust “Misha and the Wolves”Mexican teen comedy El Guau – Who is the good boy?Polish thriller timetable and a family Christmas movie Christmas at the mistletoe farm Be happy.

Thursday: It’s very Christmas

It’s still Christmas Thursday, though there’s still exactly a month until Christmas: AT Noel’s Diary An author tidies up his parents’ house for Christmas and meets a woman looking for her mother. As the title suggests, the diary also plays a role. In addition, the Japanese romance series starts on November 24 the first love.

Friday is Documentary Day

The third season of the South African drama series begins on Friday blood and waterIndian crime series Khaki: Separation of Bihar and the French psychological film “the patient”But above all the day is dedicated to documentaries:

True crime fans will definitely look forward to itJessalyn Maxwell: Filthy Rich Fall, which revolves around the trial of Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Maxwell. In addition to documentaries What happened to the dolphin king? Dolphins coach Jose Luis Barbero passed away in 2015.

in Life in Outer Space: Exoplanets On the other hand, it is about life on other planets similar to Earth in space and in the interior Summer 82: When Zappa came to Sicily A concert by Frank Zappa in Palermo in 1982 ended in disaster.

Saturday and Sunday: Nothing earthquake

On the weekends it traditionally feels a bit slimy with Netflix reboots and this is no different next week. After all, the streaming service has announced two titles: The Documentary Vegetarian Alert Deals with the dangers and problems of vegetarianism and in the Korean series birth care center A pregnant businesswoman has to deal with bias in a birthing center.

New on Netflix in November 2022: “Enola Holmes 2,” Fantasy starring Jason Momoa, new series from the makers of “Dark” and more

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