Netflix Asks Twitch Streamer For Documentary

Streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon has been on Twitch since 2013. She plays games like World of Warcraft or Apex Legends, has been involved in a few scandals with her pets and is known as the streamer that makes a lot of money with sexual content via OnlyFans. She has now revealed on a live stream that she has received an offer for a Netflix documentary about OnlyFans, but that also causes problems.

Who is Alinity?

  • Alinity is a 34-year-old Twitch streamer who hails from Colombia. In some ways it was like “Amouranth before Amouranth existed”.
  • Around 2019, Alinity was involved in some pet controversy: throwing at her cat, kicking her dog; She gave her vodka to her cat and it was uncomfortable seeing how close they were to her dog. At the time, animal welfare organization PETA asked Twitch to ban Alnity.
  • Later, a “clothing malfunction” teased her, briefly showing her bare chest, which got her banned from Twitch.

Alinity has become more subdued in recent years: With 1.5 million followers and an average of over 4,700 viewers, it is still a permanent presence on Twitch: Alinity is also well connected with many streamers in the community. But maybe it’s getting quieter around her because she’s making a pretty good living on the OnlyFans platform.

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Alinity is happy about it now: Like Alinity on his Twitch Stream on November 15th. He excitedly announced, Maybe Netflix asked her if she’d like to be in a documentary. It appears to be a ‘OnlyFans’ issue: Alinity publishes adult content through this site.

It seems that just her appearance in a Netflix documentary that will be broadcast all over the world gets the viewer totally excited. She can’t contain her excitement:

They reached out to me to do a Netflix documentary. And I am absolutely terrified. It’s huge, isn’t it? it’s huge!

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Thank God the grandparents will never know

So what’s the problem? The problem with the campaign is that everyone then knows how Alinity makes its money on OnlyFans, i.e. the sexual content. The 34-year-old doesn’t seem to like it after all.

She says she is afraid of everything. I already know it would be a huge awareness boost, but it’s also fighting with itself.

Am I afraid yeah…but damn it. They want to show some of my content. Well, okay… I’m scared, nervous, and excited. So when that happens, it’s going to be really huge.

Then Alinity muses out loud about who finds out exactly how she spends her OnlyFans money:

So my close family knows…my parents know, my brothers, and my sisters. But my extended family really doesn’t know. So I’m a little nervous. Maybe I’ll have to talk to my mom to find out what she thinks. I do not know. […] No, my grandparents are all dead, thank God! No, I don’t mean it that way. I mean, thank God they’ll never know.

She then explains in detail that she does not thank God that her grandparents are already dead, but thank God that they never had to find out exactly what her granddaughter was doing on the Internet.

When she thinks about it, she also realizes that, for example, her “high school classmates’ parents” would figure out how to make money. It seems that the option to become famous all over the world via Netflix is ​​not so exciting anymore after all.

Streamer Amouranth also earns a lot of money with sexual content via OnlyFans. She once explained how her parents actually think she is:

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