Ivy – Die Kulturrundschau from 11.17.2022 | The new permanent exhibition at the Freising Diocesan Museum – Christian Berger’s documentary “Classic Under the Swastika” – Martin Scorsese on his 80th birthday

Martin Scorsese, 2010 (Photo: Siebbi, CC BY 3.0)

Martin Scorsese He will be 80 years old. Comes “feeling pure” SZ— the critic Tobias Kneipp, when he looked at his complete works with awe. “Has a man ever made a strategic decision to direct in order to gain privilege or to consolidate his position of power in the system in question?… A man with a wonderful personality. “But” unlike great directors, he doesn’t just cook up his own juice. Who did it unleash – liberate Like him, who made the language of camera movement and editing and the use of music his native language, he must not be able to write great dialogues. So Scorsese is the classic definition of a director who loves great writers pee Schrader can exist side by side. Who else would allow something like that? ”

as such Masters of conflicting cooperation Claudius Seidel is also celebrated in FAZ – and as Catholic Filmmakers: Although “he is not necessarily a believer, nor is he faithful to the Church. But he is convinced that sins must first be committed before they are forgiven. And one must be told about them. However, confessions are not when Scorsese says his heroes sin Shows – rather Temptations. … These films are also Catholic because literalism means nothing to them; Language is sound and rhythm, they are Pictureswhich you can look into if you’re lucky Understanding receipt.”

Patrick Holzapfel cast in Movie service The epic 80’s spotlight takes on Scorsese and finally comes to the exhausting conclusion: “This cinema means something. … It has cemented itself in a cultural memory par excellence Power and love for what he is capable of doing. It doesn’t matter whether you like Scorsese’s movies a lot or not; Anyone who believes in even the slightest bit in this medium, in this art form, will not be able to ignore this man. striker and eternal urging, The greatest filmmaker alive. ‘, to which film historian Rainer Rother also bows in the form of a radio article on the DLF. ARD And the ZDF have completely overslept the filmmaker’s birthday for their media libraries, Good heart Pro forma pulled a 2013 mini-film about Scorsese’s opening credits from the archives.

The perfect world Film block at Potsdamer Platz On the brink of death,” Hans-Georg Roddick and Katharina Dockhorn wrote in Globalism with display on Berlinale: the Filmhaus will soon have to leave its premises entirely, the large CineStar cinema has long been closed, and only the “Berlinale-Palast” as a competition venue has managed to extend its contract until 2029. It is possible that the new building in the Gropiusbau of the Film Museum will eventually become something decade and to add insult to injury, CinemaxX at Potsdamer Platz, as the last remaining cinema for public showings, has “installed luxury electrically adjustable leather chairs and so on.” Cut the sitting capacity at home in half. …of all those temporary Threatens steady state to become. Unfortunately, the Berlinale short-distance dream, apparently lived on for two decades, is finally over and the unique film quarter at Potsdamer Platz Lost he is.”

A radical invention of forms: “Inu-Oh” by Masaaki Yuasa

Masaki Yuasa He succeeds with his balancing cartoon “Inu-oh,” from his magical history in pre-modern Japan.anesthetic Rock operaLukas Foerster is delighted with the design Pearl Diver. honors the director as a “The tireless inventor of shapes, who, with an almost unbelievable speed of work, regularly directs feature and short films and also entire TV series. ‘But’ having grappled with the mainstream recently in a decidedly stubborn way – during which with ‘Lu Over the Wall’ (2017) he was responsible for one of the finest possible homages to Ghibli Studios films – he’s back with the song Inu-Oh radical From his first masterpiece, “Mind Game” (2004). The same pictures are always free at Yuasa. In his new film, the narrative frames, which in some of his other works do not tame, but rather direct, are deleted once again. … narration as the permanent writing of narration – and this is the essence of the film to which “Inu-oh” progresses. More rave reviews at TazAnd the criticAnd the artichoke And the epdmovie.

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