Instead of the World Cup in Qatar: the best football series as an alternative – 5 series and 2 documentaries

The start of the FIFA World Cup – a guarantee of great celebrations, public viewing and high ratings. But this year everything is different: the FIFA World Cup is held not only in winter, but also in Qatar. The award in February 2015 was not without controversy, and criticism of the “World Cup nation” Qatar continues to this day. Human rights, equal rights, freedom of the press, working conditions and more – the list of points that can confront the emirate is long. Reason enough for a lot of people to boycott the 2022 World Cup. We’ve seen it recently on banners in many stadiums, and in many personal conversations you can now hear the negative attitude of the people here.

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It is difficult to say whether this interruption will achieve anything or if there are other ways of expressing disapproval. One thing is clear: you can no longer prevent the Football World Cup, of course it’s too late for that. How are you going to handle the FIFA World Cup – will you notice?

Instead of the World Cup in Qatar: the best football series as an alternative

If you stop participating in the World Cup, you don’t have to give up football entirely. After all, there are many football series with which to pass the time, above all the award-winning “Ted Lasso” series on Apple. Or the classic ZDF “Manni, der Libero”. Or you can take in one of the many documentaries about clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and FC Arsenal & Co. available on Amazon Prime Video & Co. We can also recommend the documents for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to anyone who would like to know more detailed information. We’ve rounded up the hottest titles.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

If you talk about football series, you can’t ignore Ted Lasso. The Apple Original was well received by viewers and critics—the first season was nominated for 20 Emmys—a record for a comedy’s first season. In total there are two seasons with 22 episodes, a third season has been ordered. It follows Ted Lasso, an American college football coach, who is unexpectedly recruited to coach a fictional Premier League football team, AFC Richmond, despite having no football coaching experience. Team owner Rebecca Welton hires a lasso in hopes that he will fail to exact revenge on her unfaithful ex-husband, the former team owner. Fun fact: you can even play Ted Lasso in the current FIFA 23 game.

Mane, Libero (ZDF)

Let’s jump straight to a classic: “Manni, der Libero” starring Thomas Ohrner is already 30 years old. The 13 episodes were shown on ZDF on 5 January 1982 and revolved around Manfred Besur, better known as Mane, a football-loving boy from the Ruhr region who dreams of a professional football career. He is the son of former national player Sten Psauer, who has retired from professional sports and runs an independent gas station. Mané, who initially only played street football, persuaded his parents to let him play in the ambitious youth team of fictional club Blau Gelb. At the age of 16 he was promoted to a libero there (youngsters will now wonder what a libero actually is…). It’s easy to look away, and it gets really exciting because all aspects of a professional footballer’s career are presented in the series: stability in the team and club, social spheres, everyday problems and moods of youth.

ganbari! Kickers + Captain Tsubasa

Let’s turn to another classic (or hater, as he reads here), albeit a Japanese build: “Ganbare! Kickers” dates back to 1986 and can be assigned to the anime department. It can be assigned to the shōnen genre and is (like “Captain Tsubasa,” who It was created at the same time) about football. In “Ganbare! Kickers” is about twelve Japanese students whose passion is soccer. Gregor moves to the city with his family and wants to join the school team, the Kickers. Unfortunately, it sucks and is about to melt. But Gregor does not give up. There are 26 episodes in total. There are 37 episodes From “Captain Tsubasa”, as well as several films and spin-offs, the latest for the 2018 World Cup. It revolves around 11-year-old Tsubasa Ohzora, who moves to Nankatsu with his family to (similar to “Kickers”) join the school team. Unlike the Kickers, the focus here is on success: First winning a state championship for elementary school students. The series follows another successful career. You can learn more about the series here at The Classics Series.

The English Game (Netflix)

Netflix also has a premiere football series, ‘The English Game’. Developed by Julian Fellowes for Netflix, the six-episode British historical sports drama chronicles the origins of modern club football in England. In the 1870s in the United Kingdom, football was a sport for the rich. A working-class star and his upper-class counterpart come together to change the game forever. The six-part series was published on March 20, 2020.

north bend (arti)

Then things get dramatic in North Curve: 17-year-old Yorick, surrounded by his friends, is stabbed in the stands during a soccer match at his local club. Frank, the football club’s coach, is distraught when his daughter Mathilde is caught on the field with the murder weapon in hand. He firmly believes in Mathilde’s innocence and asks his eldest daughter from Paris for help. Alex is a police officer and has not visited her hometown in years.

Documentary films about the Qatar World Cup

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