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There are once again some new releases on Prime Video: In addition to the colorful meta-comedy “The Lego Movie 2,” you can also stream the incredibly beautiful documentary masterpiece from the streaming giant, “The Look Of Silence.”

On Amazon Prime Video, there are again interesting new releases. Crazy cartoon fun is good for a relaxing evening of TV Lego movie 2, which challenges your laughing muscles with meta gags and pop culture allusions. If you are in the mood for cutting edge entertainment, then you must check out the documentary masterpiecesilence lookthe sequel to the legendary documentary The Act Of Killing.

>guardian “The Lego Movie 2” on Amazon Prime Video*

The Lego Movie 2

The Lego Movie was a true cinematic surprise in 2014. The fantastically meta-hilarity from 21 Jump Street director Christopher Miller and Phil Lord captivated moviegoers young and old with its messy wit and tons of good pop culture references, which led to a whole wave of other sequel Lego movies that used this formula. Including the highly successful “The Lego Batman Movie” as well as “The Lego Movie 2”.

After the events of “The Lego Movie” it’s clear: Emmet (originally voiced by Chris Pratt) is a real hero. Of course, his heroic virtues are immediately tested, as he has to rescue Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), who has been kidnapped by General Mishmash.

He gets help from the superhero Batman (originally awesome: Will Arnett), among others. Together, they discover that Lucy has been kidnapped to marry a mad queen. This celebration aims to trigger a kind of Armageddon that would send the Lego world straight into a “box of oblivion”.

Lego movie 2Once again a colorful and enjoyable undertaking, even if the direct sequel doesn’t quite match the quality of its predecessor. All in all, the sequel is a bit overloaded with meta gags and pop culture references, and in terms of comedy, it focuses more on quantity than class. Fans of the first part should definitely give it a shot.

“look of silence”

Anyone even remotely interested in the documentary genre should heed this broadcast tip: With Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Look of Silence,” a stunning documentary masterpiece is now available on Prime Video:

>guardian “The Look of Silence” on Amazon Prime Video*

Already in 2012, the director introduced a hard-to-digest part of film history with “The Act Of Killing.” After a military coup in Indonesia in 1965, a million supposed communists, students, critical thinkers and thinkers were murdered. The perpetrators were revered as heroes and are still important and influential people in the country today.

Look the perpetrators in the eye

In his ambitious film project “The Act Of Killing,” Oppenheimer challenged the supposed heroes to re-enact their actions and thus shed their passivity. Two years later, The Look Of Silence followed, which caused less of a stir in the international film scene, but still got under your skin no less.

Because unlike In the Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer directly confronts the perpetrators of the massacre here. Time and time again the director confronts the abyss of human behavior. Our senior author Christoph Petersen notes in his five-star review: The film exposes the “skewed perception of self and history of large parts of the Indonesian population.” Absolute stream recommendation!

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