1899 – What’s Lost Will Be Found – European Premiere at Funchaus Berlin

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar present the long-awaited mystery series 1899 Tomorrow evening at Funkhaus Berlin.

Berlin, 9 November 2022 They’re having a party tomorrow night Models Jantjee Friese and Baran Bo Odar (The creators of DARK) in Berlin the European premiere of their new puzzle series 1899. Great world band throws everywhere Andreas Bechmann (dark), Emily Beecham (The pursuit of love), Mass Musical (the magician), Aneurin Barnard (Dunkirk), Miguel Bernardo (elite), Lucas Lingard Tonsen (rain, burgen), Clara Rossager (the rain), Jose Pimento (Alberto), Mathilde Oliver (leader level), Jonas Bloquet (the nun), Yan Gail (Saco and manganese), Isabella Wei (Our 4°C world), Gaby Wong (rogue one), Rosalie Craig (lovesick), Maria Ehrwalter (ritual) And the Alexander Willum (wheel of time) will cause a wave of light bulbs on the black carpet.

Even the voyage there is exclusive: on specially chartered ships with the look and feel 1899 The cast and crew as well as VIPs, influencers, and guests of the Spree premiere sail to Funkhaus Berlin. There, in addition to the giant Black Carpet, a stunning lighting installation awaits you, an entry room 1899Experience with elaborately redesigned sets of the series and a print newspaper specifically for this year’s highlight of the live broadcast: The Southampton Post.

In addition, many distinguished and influential guests are expected to attend, including: LauraberlinAnd the Yasmine Tabatabai and Jasna Fritzy BauerAnd the Nadezhda Brennik, Daniel DonskoyAnd the Lawrence Robb, Katja Riemann and Kai SchumannAnd the Malika FrutanAnd the Larissa’s flocks siraAnd the maxi mondtAnd the Riccardo SimonettiAnd the Rick Okun and Dimitrij ShadAnd the Lea Van Aken, Lisa Vicari, Alina MooreAnd the DaliaAnd the Alex FreronAnd the Jay and Arya, Rick Azas And the Enya Alsatner.

The evening will run Stephen Gatgen.

1899, the must-watch series of the year, launches worldwide exclusively on Netflix on November 17th.

above 1899

The eight episodes chronicle the mysterious events that occurred during the journey of a migrant ship from Europe to New York. Travelers from diverse backgrounds look forward with hope to the dawn century. They all dream of a better future abroad. When they discover a second ship in the open sea that has been missing for months, their journey takes an unexpected turn. What they find on board the ship turns their crossing into the Promised Land into a terrifying mystery. A web of secrets seems to tie each passenger’s past together.


After their worldwide success with DARK (Netflix), the duo Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar founded production company DARK WAYS. They want to produce high quality stories with their company and market it globally. With the 1899 series, DARK WAYS began its first production.


DARK BAY is Europe’s first LED virtual production studio. Founded by DARK WAYS and Studio Babelsberg in the historic Potsdam Babelsberg halls. The virtual production studio is one of the largest LED fixtures in the world and uses the latest ROE Ruby LED panels. ARRI, FABER AV and FRAMESTORE won as industry partners. As the first customer, DARK BAY takes care of production in 1899 and offers future customers a tried-and-tested setup.

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