The 20 best series of the year hardly anyone knows

We are fast approaching the end of the year and with it the release of our best-reviewed list of the best series of the year. We don’t want to keep you waiting that long, because in the midst of the plethora of innovations, many small highlights that deserve more attention are forgotten very quickly. That’s why we have you 20 Insider Tips for Netflix, Amazon and Co. They chose that most enthusiasts of the series did not yet have on their screens.

For this arrangement we used data from the Moviepilot . community Best rating so far year series Watched, which has less than 100 reviews and is therefore categorized as Insider Tips. We’ve neglected documentaries and reality shows in this overview.

Enjoy a fun read and maybe discover one or the other of the streaming tips that can make it to your list of best series at the end of the year.

Top Secret Series Tips 10th Place: Borgen – Power and Fame

Borgen: Power and Glory – S01 Trailer (English Subs) HD


  • Moviepilot تصنيف rating: 7.66
  • Where in the stream? Netflix

with Borrowing – power and glory Netflix has revived one of the best series of the 2000s after a 9-year hiatus. The restart pulls Danish Foreign Minister Brigitte Nyborg into an international crisis when oil is discovered in Greenland. The unfolding geopolitical conflict between the great powers is pushing the Danish government to its limits.

Top Secret Series 9th Place Tips: Bosch Legacy

Bosch Legacy – S01 Trailer (English) HD


  • Moviepilot تصنيف rating: 7.67
  • Where in the stream? Complimentary

with bush I managed to revive another of the top 10 insider tips. After 7 seasons in the Amazon series Bosch, Titus Welliver returns as Harry Bosch in Part Two as well. After leaving the LAPD, he is now investigating new cases as a private investigator and has to work with his former opponent, Honey Chandler.

Top Secret Series 8 Tips: The Legend of Vox Machina

The Legend Of Vox Machina – S01 Trailer (English) HD


  • Moviepilot تصنيف rating: 7.68
  • Where in the stream? video head

From all the new fantasy series collections Legend of Vox Machine Definitely the most horrible and gory humor today. Based on the successful Critical Role D&D campaign, the animated series follows a group of emerging heroes as they undertake various missions. With the characters’ excellent chemistry and endearing wit, it’s easy to want to become a part of this well-rehearsed fantasy family.

Best Secret Series Tips for 7th Place: Leah’s Seven Lives

Leah’s Seven Lives – Trailer S01 (French) HD


  • Moviepilot تصنيف rating: 7.71
  • Where in the stream? Netflix

In the mysterious French Netflix series Leah’s Seven Life The main character Leah woke up one day in the 90s. Not only did she cut two decades in the past, she was suddenly in the body of a young man. In order to prevent his later death, she must change her body several times from now on. This results in a mixture of the thrilling genre of time travel, body swap, young adult drama, thriller and crime.

Top Secret Series Sixth Place Tips: Dead End – Paranormal Park

Dead End Paranormal Park – S01 Trailer (English) HD


  • Moviepilot مراجعة Review: 7.93
  • Where in the stream? Netflix

Animation series Dead End: Paranormal Garden It is a supernatural, scary and above all fun and funny adventure about the attraction of the haunted house in the amusement park. Hamish Steele’s comic adaptation on Netflix is ​​particularly notable for its LGBTQ+ casting and trans-lovable main character *Barney. Fans of anime like Gravity Falls and House of the Owls should mark the anime on their watch list.

Best Insider Tips for 5th Place in the Series: Tschugger

Tschugger – S02 Trailer (German) HD


  • Moviepilot مراجعة Review: 8.1
  • Where in the stream? sky

Charming and very funny Swiss police comedy Tschugger He finally arrived in Germany in 2022. It takes us to the canton of Valais, where time seems to have stopped in the 80s and nothing exciting ever happened to the policeman and action movie fan Pax. Sensing an explosive case involving cannabis smugglers, he immediately engages his Zurich apprentice, Schmerling, on a secret mission, which of course will soon escalate. There are now 2 seasons, each containing 5 episodes.

Best Secret Tips Series 4th Place: Dress Up My Beloved

My Dress-Up Darling – S01 Trailer (German subtitles)


  • Moviepilot مراجعة Review: 8.21
  • Where in the stream? Crunchy Roll

Anime dress me darling It is a declaration of love for the passion and dedication of young cosplayers. Here, shy student, doll lovers Gojo, and a quick-tempered otaku Marin gather to create different costumes together. The combination of RomCom experiences and slice of life has been able to inspire many anime fans with an authentic representation of fan culture and costumes.

Best Secret Series 3 Tips: Spy x Family

Spy x Family – S01 Trailer (English Subs) HD series


  • Moviepilot مراجعة Review: 8.3
  • Where in the stream? Crunchy Roll

The spy comedy is one of the biggest anime of the year Spy family x, a collaboration between popular animation studios CloverWorks (The Promised Neverland) and Wit Studio (Attack on Titan). Set in a fictional Cold War, the great spy Twilight is sent on a secret mission to Berlin, the capital of Ostania.

To do this, he must first create a fake family. He adopts an orphan girl with telepathic powers and marries a killer. Spy x Family is incredibly creative, diverse, very funny and inspires great animation and a great soundtrack.

Series Insider’s Best Tips Runners Up: Extraordinary MP Wu

Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Trailer (English subtitles) HD


  • Moviepilot مراجعة Review: 8.53
  • Where in the stream? Netflix

south korean drama series Exceptional Lawyer Wu It is no longer actually insider advice. After all, it ranks as the sixth most watched non-English language Netflix series. Here we follow the adventures of nervous and genius lawyer Woo Young-woo, who has a photographic memory and thus solves many cases in unique and unusual ways. The missing German dubbed version should not be an obstacle to awarding this beloved, feel-good series.

Best Secret Series Tips 1st Place: Pachinko

Pachinko A Simple Life – S01 Trailer (German) HD


  • Moviepilot تصنيف rating: 8.6
  • Where in the stream? + AppleTV

with pachinko – simple life The most beautiful poetry series are waiting for you. Epic and intimate at the same time, this epic trilingual series reveals four generations of the history of the Korean Sonja family, taking us from Korea in the 1910s to Japan in the 1980s.

Pachinko is a series about life, survival, home and origin. It is a poignant portrait of a generation of people being treated as “strangers” everywhere. As the highest-rated series of the year so far, Pachinko definitely deserves more attention.

Best Series 2022: 10 More Insider Tips

Tokyo Vice

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our 10 Moviepilot Community Tips series, we’ve got one for you right here 10 more new series With few but high ratings. Here are the places from 11 to 20:

  • Mo (Rating: 7.63) – Netflix

  • Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (Rating: 7.57) – Sky

  • Ulysses Odyssey (Rating: 7.56) – Netflix

  • Bad Sisters (Rating: 7.56) – Apple TV +

  • As We See It – Unusually Ordinary (Score: 7.53) – Prime Video

  • Tokyo Vice (Score: 7.5) – Lionsgate +

  • Playlist (Rating: 7.48) – Netflix

  • The Sex Lives of College Girls (Score: 7.45) – Prime Video

  • Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (Rating: 7.45) – Disney +

  • Kotaro Lives Alone (Rating: 7.43) – Netflix

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