Top 10 Series October 3rd: “DAHMER – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer” shot to #2 on the list of the most popular series of all time with over 700 million hours streamed

It’s been a very successful week for Ryan Murphy on Netflix. His flagship drama series Dahmer – Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story It topped the list of English language series for the third year in a row with 205.33 million hours streamed. In addition, the miniseries is now the second most popular English language series on Netflix ever, with a total of 701.37 million hours of live broadcasting. Stranger Things 4 (1.35 billion hours streamed) in just three weeks. Another major work of Murphy in the field of cinema has emerged: the drama that he also produced Mr. Harrigan’s phone It entered the list of the top 10 English language films at number two with 35.42 million hours streamed.

There has also been a lot of interest in the documentary series Self-portrait of a serial killerwith accompanying documents about Jeffrey Dahmer (31.4 million hours broadcast) and John Wayne Gacy (8.86 million hours streamed) both hit the top 10. Goosebumps in the middle of the night (18.79 million hours aired), Mike Flanagan’s latest horror series, which recently broke Guinness World Record for the most shocking moment In a pilot episode she also earned a place in the top ten. clunker empire Its extravagant protagonists guarantee a good mood and plenty of drama with Season 3. The reality series debuted on the list with 15.21 million hours of streaming. Cobra Kai Also in its fifth week, it did well and reached 13.53 million streaming hours. The Australian reboot of the teen series high heartbreak It managed to record 9.48 million hours of streaming.

Empress It maintained its dominance among non-English language chains. Historical drama series about life Austrian Empress Elisabeth, often compared to Princess Diana for her enduring popularity, she continued to top the list with 59.43 million hours streamed. Polish drama series Flood It rose to No. 2 with 45.84 million hours streamed. Korean content continues to cement its reputation as an all-time favorite and continues to delight fans this week: little Women (23.58 million hours streamed), Exceptional Lawyer Wu (12.22 million streaming hours), Soul chemistry (9.78 million hours streamed), Young lady and gentleman (8.52 million hours streamed) and drug saints (7.58 million hours aired) They were all in the top ten again.

Mila Kunis, Ana de Armas, Allison Janney and Journey Smollett dominated the list of English language films this week, as well as the US men’s basketball team. I. A.m. So. happy.Movie based on the same name The New York Times\- Jessica Knoll’s bestselling single, it went straight to #1 with 43.08 million hours streamed. The haunting drama starring Mila Kunis reached the top ten in 91 countries. in blonde (17.41 million hours streaming), De Armas transforms into legendary Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, while Janie and Smollett transform into if (12.6 million hours of live streaming) impressing as an unstoppable duo. recovery team It also proved to be a huge success. The sports documentary, starring Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and backing the incomparable Kobe Bryant, topped the list with 7.85 million hours streamed.

African fantasy drama Aníkúlápó It topped the list of non-English films with 8.73 million hours broadcast. There were also a few new arrivals this week, including the German horror movie the elderly (6.48 million hours broadcast), Uruguayan drama Togo (4.14 million hours broadcast), Italian rom com I dare 100 times (3.7 million hours streaming) and Brazil 2002: Behind the scenes of Brazil’s fifth FIFA World Cup victory (1.77 million hours streamed). Two proven favorites, the Indian rom-com Plan A Plan B and french drama Athenaagain in the top ten.

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