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Berlin. At first, Anis Ferchichi, the real name of the rapper, is asked if he is proud of himself when he looks back at the past three years. Bushido, who became a superstar in the genre between 2005 and 2018 and became a target of the gossip press, first gives some examples of his pride, such as his “good sense of music”. But then a brutal reckoning begins with himself and his long-standing dependence on the Berlin Abu Shakir criminal clan, which will become the central issue.

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“No, I’m not proud, by any means,” he said, tears in his eyes and a voice taking a deep breath. For a short, quiet moment, you could see an almost benevolent smile, as if he was wishing for forgiveness. But then, shame regained the upper hand and Bushido looks down feeling guilty.

These quiet moments in Uncensored – The Truth of Bushido, the brief glances between the 43-year-old and his wife Anna Maria and nods toward his children, sometimes reveal more than any eloquently chosen words. Then Bushido seems deeply human, and even a skeptical viewer may not doubt the authenticity of this moment in the least. Here Saul appears on the way to Paul.

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Failure, guilt and shame

Saul is Bushido whose long-standing dependence on clan leader Arafat Abu Shakir nearly cost him his marriage, and ultimately his self-esteem. For example, when he tells us how, with a faint look, he allowed his wife to be insulted and threatened in the worst possible way, he almost flogs himself. For years, he went to work in the clan, according to Bushido’s radical description.

The fact that critical voices have their say also speaks to its credibility. Rapper rolege Charnell is convinced that his “little graffiti sprayer” was only able to gain the credibility needed on the street for great success through his closeness to the clan. Islamic scholar Ahmed Amirat sees Bushido and Abu Shaker as “the pioneers who established crimes of rap and the German clan or clans as a successful business model”.

Bushido himself frequently speaks of failure, guilt and shame, especially towards his family. Family – this is the key word here, on which everything depends. So at first Anna Maria was the only one who fought like a lioness for her family, and despite all the threats, it is said that she repeatedly found the courage to stand up to Arafat Abu Shaker.

Turmoil in the German Charts: Was it with German Rap?

Single charts used to be an indicator of Germany’s best results. In recent years, German rap seems to be dominating them.

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The secret star is Bushido’s wife

Overall, pop star sister Sarah Connor looks like the secret star here. At first glance, the 40-year-old may seem like another semi-celebrity influencer, but in each of the interviews or conversations she has with her husband, she is gaining more and more profile.

But one important question, perhaps the most important, remains unanswered. What would have happened if Arafat had not surpassed Abu Shaker in everything? Was Saul going to become Paul and Bushido finally becoming Anis Ferchichi? A question, he admits, that has no answer. One tends to buy this incredible trust from him.

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