Rainer Winkler sells the rights to his life story for 11 euros a day

It seems that a production company wants to pay 20,000 euros to Rainer Winkler for the exclusive rights to his entire life story.

It has long been known that Netflix wants to create a Rainer Winkler documentary. It now appears that a contract between the production company of “Thursday” and “Lord of the Dragon” in Berlin has been leaked. So Winkler should get 20,000 euros for a documentary about his life on Netflix.

Thursday Company wants to make a documentary about dragon lord on Netflix

Alleged contract between Al-Khamis and Rainer Winkler

An article about the paywall appeared in Spiegel magazine at the beginning of the month (the sadistic quest for the Dragon Master), but other than that, things were quiet about the Dragon Master. But the calm ended when it became known that they wanted to shoot a documentary about him. What initially seemed to be just a rumor could now turn into a reality.

The film production company “Thursday Company” (the happiest film production company in Germany), which also works for Netflix, appears to be serious about its desire to portray the life story of Rainer W.. This was reported by “Schanzenwatch Broadcast” on Telegram, citing a leaked contract between the production company and Rainer Winkler.

The current contract between the production company and Rainer Winkler provides for a five-year license period. The five-page document also shows how producers envision working with the Dragon Master and what pay can be expected.

The leaked license and licensing agreement states, among other things, that:

Licensor receives a license fee of €20,000.00 for licensing and using the Materials pursuant to this Contract if and to the extent this Contract is not prematurely terminated in accordance with Section 2.4. For clarity, the parties state that the licensor will not receive any remuneration for its additional services and permits, in particular for its participation in the production.

Contract between Al-Khamis Company and Rainer Winkler

20,000 Euros or 11 Euros per day for a life story

Rainer Winkler gets €20,000 for his life story
Rainer Winkler will receive €20,000 for his life story

Although the current contract has apparently not been signed, it is already causing more speculation and ridicule among the so-called Haiders. Because 20,000 euros or 11 euros a day for a documentary about the life of the Dragon Master seems a little off on closer examination.

For 20 thousand euros for 5 years, the production company takes all rights to the mentally impaired “victim of bullying” from the private school.

You can definitely brag about that.

Schanzenwatch broadcast

Whether the contract was real or whether it will actually happen cannot be said conclusively. The only thing that is certain is that a documentary about the Dragon Master may interest this or that film. The guys from Schanzenwatch Radio distributed a proof video to Telegram, in which Rainer Winkler can be clearly seen with Mr. Bökamp.

The Dragon: Poor Victim or Perpetrator – Or Both?

mirror, title page
Mirror from 05/11/2022

Issue 45 of the news magazine “Der Spiegel” even gets into the Drachenlord affair on its front page. Haider community is not happy with the content of the article. One criticizes the one-sided reporting of editor Max Hoppenstedt.

Originally, Telegram says very sarcastically: “Once again, high-quality media failed to frustrate their complete incompetence.We prefer to leave the article rating and whether what Haider writes is true to our readers.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the link to bypass the Spiegel firewall at this point, as this could have unpleasant legal consequences for us. But if you can think of a wall, use a search engine or Telegram, you will surely find a way to read the article for free and complete. We can only reveal one thing: 12ft.io doesn’t help, but a Digtal subscription to Spiegel will fix the problem right away.

(Sunny’s article, additions below by Gandhi).


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