All of the new series, movies and documentaries coming to Netflix in November 2022 can be found here in the overview.


Our Recommendation – November 2022

Season 5 starts in November “the crown”, where we see one of the most difficult times for the royal family and King Elizabeth II. In the 1990s, Britain’s monarchs came under more scrutiny while Diana and Charles were at war in the media.

in “1899” A group of European immigrants on a transatlantic steamer en route to New York. But when they meet a second ship that seems deserted at sea, inexplicable things begin to happen. The mystery drama comes from producers Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, who have already made a name for themselves in the genre with “Dark” and “Who Am I”.

A few days before the controversial FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar, Netflix released the documentary “FIFA Revealed”. This takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most powerful sports federation and highlights the corruption, power struggles, intrigue and politics behind it.

New on Netflix in November


series Meeting
Young Royals: Season Two 11/1/22
Dragon Prince: Season 4 3.11.22
the movies 3.11.22
amazing 4.11.22
Buy Beverly Hills 4.11.22
Statement: Season 4, Part 1 4.11.22
The appearance 4.11.22
The Crown: Season 5 9.11.22
Love Never Lies: Sardinia 11/10/22
Warrior Nun: Season Two 11/10/22
Around the World with Zac Efron: Season Two: Australia 11/11/22
run for money 11/15/22
be polite 11/16/22
1899 11/17/22
Dead to Me: Season 3 11/17/22
Elite: Season 6 11/18/22
someone 11/18/22
Cuphead Show!: Part 3 11/18/22
Inside the Job: Part 2 11/18/22
Under the queen’s umbrella 19.11.22
Wednesday 11/23/22
unbroken sound 11/24/22
the first love 11/24/22
Blood and Water: Season Three 11/25/22
snack vs. president 11/30/22

1899 will premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2022:


Movie Meeting
takeover 11/1/22
the fighter 11/1/22
Kingchard 11/1/22
Panagiotis Baskut: Approx. 3.11.22
Enola Holmes 2 4.11.22
lẹṣin ba: Knight of the King 4.11.22
Klaus family 2 11/8/22
Middle Ages 11/8/22
Fully mutated: The Football Cup is in danger 9.11.22
Falling in Christmas 11/10/22
stray bullet 2 11/10/22
dad’s dragon 11/11/22
Kal – Don’t leave me 11/11/22
Monica, my love 11/11/22
wonder 11/16/22
next to the track 11/16/22
lost lottery 11/16/22
Christmas with you 11/17/22
Slumberland 11/18/22
swimmers 11/23/22
El joao 11/23/22
Christmas at the mistletoe farm 11/23/22
timetable 11/23/22
Noel’s Diary 11/24/22
My name is Vendetta 11/30/22
business man 11/30/22

Sherlock’s sister takes on a new issue on Netflix in “Enola Holmes 2” on November 4th:

Enola Holmes 2 – German Trailer


Series/documentary film Meeting
killer sally 2.11.22
Orgasm Inc: The Story of One Taste 5.11.22
FIFA revealed 9.11.22
Alabama State vs Brittany Smith 11/10/22
Arrest of the killer nurse 11/11/22
Is this black enough for you?!? 11/11/22
On the trail of lost civilizations 11/11/22
the support 14.11.22
Racionais: The Ruas de Sao Paulo Pro Mundo 11/16/22
with their own hands 11/16/22
Pepsi, where’s my plane? 11/17/22
I’m Vanessa Gillen 11/17/22
Taco Story: Beyond Borders 11/23/22
Blood, sex and kings 11/23/22
Jessalyn Maxwell: Dirty Rich 11/25/22
Killed: Texas Killing Fields crime scene 11/29/22
Take your pills: Xanax 11/30/22
What happened to the dolphin king? November 2022

From November 9, you can watch “FIFA Uncovered” on Netflix:

FIFA revealed | Official Trailer (Netflix)

Comedy specials

Stand Up / Comedy Program Meeting
Neil Brennan: blocks 11/8/22
Dion Boy Cole Charlene 11/15/22
Joanna Nordstrom: Call the police 11/15/22
Trevor Noah: I hope you do 11/22/22
Romish Ranganathan: The satirist 11/29/22

Children and families

Children’s series/movie Meeting
Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 6 11/1/22
LEGO Ninjago: Season 3 11/1/22
Scoop! 11/1/22
Bad Witch: Season 4 11/1/22
Diba and Anoop: Season Two 7.11.22
Minions & More Volume 2 11/8/22
Teletubbies 14.11.22
Jurassic World: New Adventures: Hidden Adventure 11/15/22
Answer the round with StoryBots 11/21/22
My Little Pony – Hoof and Heart: Chapter 2 11/21/22
Action Pack Saves Christmas 11/28/22
Animal Cases for Kate and Sam: Season Two 11/30/22

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