‘Luxury Escape’ and Birth Drama: An RTL Documentary Shows Bushido in Tough Hours

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  • Life under personal protection and a very complicated pregnancy: RTL’s “Bushido – RESET” documentary featured the rapper in dramatic moments.
  • At the end of the film there was a “luxury escape” to Dubai – and Bushido’s commitment to wanting to be a better person.

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She remembered that she was living a “perfectly normal life” just a few years ago Anna Maria Ferchichi (40) in the documentary “Bushido – RESET”, which first aired on RTL on Thursday (and still available on RTLplus). When a millionaire’s wife says something like that, it might in some eyes be a paragon of malice, but perhaps very few would trade with her anyway.

Since her husband, Anis Ferchichi (44), became famous by name BushidoThe family was freed from the clutches of the criminal Abu Shaker family and testified in court against its former manager, Arafat Abu Shaker, 46, and the family was under personal protection. Spontaneously visiting friends or going shopping? is no longer possible.

“Bushido – RESET” (RTL): A gentle critique just for the purgatory sinner

First of all, Anna Maria suffered from the situation and wanted to leave Germany, while Bushido was still hesitant. His friend, director Peter Rosberg, portrayed him in his film, and he is certainly not entirely objective, primarily as a concerned father and husband with deep regret over his semi-criminal past and his earlier attitude towards women.

Only once did they allow themselves a bit of criticism of the Purgatory Sinner after he met members of another clan. Of course he still knew people from the middle, and defended himself, a little annoyed. But this means nothing and is similar, for example, to a Frenchman meeting his compatriot abroad. Then you spoke to him a little in your mother tongue.

Big fears for little girl Amaya

You just want to believe it. The topic of children occupied more space than “crime” anyway: at the beginning of the documentary, which was shot over two years, the couple still had five of them (including an adult son from Anna Maria’s previous relationship), at the end there were eight Because they were pregnant with triplets. A very complicated pregnancy, which for a long time threatened to end poorly.

Because one of the girls, little Amaya, would likely be born disabled and then probably not be able to survive – that was the assumption for a long time. Anna Maria recalls, “I don’t care. We have the help, we have the money, and we can get a nurse at home. I don’t care, but I just want her to live.”

After all, the advice of doctors to abort the child was a huge burden, as well as to increase the chances of survival of the other two children. But she could not bring herself to do so, and husband Anis could not imagine the possibility either.

Bushido wants to focus on being a father from now on.


The fact that the miracle finally happened and that the three girls were all born healthy, contrary to all expectations, was seen by Bushido as a “last sign” that should remind him to leave his bad habits behind and become a “new person.” Before that, he kept thinking: “I am going to lose one of my children now, and that will happen because it is my punishment. For all the things I have done in my life, that I have done to other people.”

sexy farewell

When Anna Maria finally explained to him that living in Germany was no longer an option for her and that she definitely wanted to move to a safer Dubai, he then gave up. Of course he felt pressured, but he also understood his wife: “She needs air to breathe again.” Because the threat to the family was very real.

For example, there were already plans to kidnap one of the girls. And when the couple wanted to spend another night in the luxury hotel in their last working hours in Germany, one of the Abu Shaker brothers suddenly appeared. Then the bodyguards were ordered to leave the hotel immediately.

These men, Bushido’s sudden admission towards the end of the documentary, are the people he “will miss the most” after his “luxury escape” to Dubai, because they never cheated on him, and never pretended to be his buddies. But missing or not – throughout the documentary, Bushido’s song “Family” was played over and over, clarifying his priorities: “I don’t need anything in this world, just my family.” And maybe, at least if Anna Maria is going her way, she still wants to grow up: She revealed she has nothing against baby number nine.

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