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Bushido, wife and triplets. © picture alliance / dpa / Bushido

“Bushido Reset – Back to Life” wants to document the life of the rapper. Our critic says: The world could have done without it.

Cologne – Bushido is back on republic screens: RTL is showing the documentary “Bushido Reset – Back to Life”, which was first published as a six-part series on broadcaster RTL+’s live broadcast service, in the main program during primetime. time. In eloquent words, the Colony citizen announces the content of Thursday evening television: “Anna Maria and Bushido have to make serious decisions. It is about life and death.”

In terms of content, “Bushido Reset” is about the family life of the famous couple and the trial of the four heads of the Abu Shaker clan, in which Anis Ferchichi, the real name of rapper Bushido, appears as a witness. In terms of content, viewers don’t really experience anything new. Instead, the makers of “Bushido Reset” decided to let the Berlin rapper and producer sit with his legs up in an armchair and make unfiltered quality statements.

“Bushido Reset – Back to Life”: the rapper as a purgatory and caring father

Example: “I am the longest-lasting witness in Berlin’s criminal history, dude!” – Of course, the announcer can cut that into a documentary. However, the added value is not starting to open up. In addition to statements about Abu Shaker’s operation, rapper Bushido presents himself as an upscale, caring father of eight with a regular life. In this context, Anna-Maria Ferchichi appears as the wife who unconditionally supports her husband.

Thus Bushido could justify his departure from organized crime by the fact that the Abu Shakir clan was threatening him and his family. This in itself is an understandable fact. However, the reason why Bushido has moved in an organized crime environment for nearly ten years has only been partially and insufficiently explained. From a journalistic point of view, the rapper’s statement that belonging to Abu Shqair’s environment filled a gap that arose from the absence of Ferchichi’s father in his childhood and youth cannot and should not be satisfactory.

Bushido at the Abou Chakers – The rapper benefited greatly financially

Especially since the rapper is relatively attributable to his novel when he says that he never felt that he belonged to the Abu Shaker family. However, rather than critically question this point – after all, Bushido has been recorded to have benefited greatly from working with the Abu Shakir clan – RTL prefers to present interview scenes with Anna-Maria Ferchichi, who simply reproduces her husband’s questionable account.

to broadcast

Six-part series on RTL+, “Bushido Reset – Back to Life” documentary, for ages 16 and up

The difference between rapper Bushido’s claim and reality can be found on his latest album, as he continues to present himself as the godfather of German gangsta rap: “Let’s do comedic rap/There’s only one German rapper who doesn’t pay protection money, and that’s Sony Black”—but Only because Anis Ferchichi had to be guarded by LKA bodyguards for about four years when he moved from his new home in Dubai to his old home in Berlin.

Allegations against Bushido for sexual assault

The documentary series reached an all-time low when allegations of sexual abuse of an alleged underage woman against the rapper became public during filming in 2021. Specifically, it concerns a video from 2004 in which the rapper verbally pressured an apparently drunk woman in hotel room. Here, too, the production team does not fulfill the duty of journalistic care.

Bushido says he’s ashamed of his behavior and is purged: “I know it wasn’t cool. The rapper says in front of the camera ‘You don’t.’ There was no inquiry or critical rating by RTL.Instead, Bushido is introduced to the audience during the filming of the video for his song “King Sonny Black”, in which the rapper uses an overtly anti-women vocabulary in the usual way.

Nobody Needs a Documentary Series on Rapper Bushido

Then Anna Maria Verchichi puts the crown on the whole thing by making Bushido’s behavior relatively in the video so that it’s not her husband’s, but posting the video material after so many years is actually blameworthy. Because the woman who was allegedly under duress will be dragged into the public against her will, which must be a huge burden on her. But that’s exactly what happens with the improper customization in Bushido Reset.

With the new documentary series about rapper Bushido, RTL presents its audience with a documentary series that no one really needs. Anis and Anna Maria Ferchichi use the production team in a targeted way to present themselves in public in their own way. “Bushido Reset” is the downfall of documentary journalism. In that light, even 22 seasons of reality TV about the Kardashian family seem like serious documentaries. (Moritz Post)

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