Netflix is ​​now making a documentary about his life!

After the events surrounding Rainer W. known as Drachenlord in the spring, the past few months have finally felt calm in the so-called “dragon game” This is an inhumane phenomenon on the Internet related to the 33-year-old YouTuber Streamer Drachenlord, who comes from a small village near Nuremberg and has been and still is being bullied and bullied by a hateful mob of the Internet. Now Rainer W. is back in the audience: As it turns out, the internet star is currently doing one A documentary about his eventful life with Netflix, which already Next year to appear for broadcast.

Dragon Lord’s Netflix Deal Released

It was leaked for the first time Contract with the Dragon Lord A few weeks ago in a hate group cableas well Payment amount For Rainer W., that brought him to the audience. A duty center employee is supposed to be behind the publication, responsible for the 33-year-old. Because: Rainer W has been living without a permanent address for some time and he has it at his disposal There are no big financial resources more. After the inhumane stalking against him in recent years, he was forced to abandon his home and most of his online presence and since then he’s been on a constant run from the “haters,” as the mob calls themselves, who haunt him every day.

Netflix’s Chief Documentary is on the road with Drachenlord

But now the Dragon Master is gone one Contract with a production company One is producing the documentary for Netflix. Pictures first surfaced on Tuesday, November 8, showing Rainer W’s character with Nils Bokamp in downtown Nuremberg. Documentary Director From Netflix Germany.

Cui bono: a podcast series about the Dragon Master

At the same time, RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) has one product sequence Announced the Dragon Master. In the first season of “Koi Bono” The title of “WTF Happened for Ken Gibsen” was about conspiracy fanatic Kayvan Sophie Siavas, better known to the public as Ken Gibsen.

The second season of the podcast now bears the name “Who is afraid of the Dragon Master?” exactly Publishing Not yet known, the same applies to the Netflix documentary about the Dragon Master.

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Dragonlord interview with the mirror

for More general interest A few days ago, the Dragon Master gave an interview to the Mirror. Title: “Sadistic Hunting of the Dragon Lord.” There describe him current status without permanent residence, The constant run of haters who seek him and always him residence Publish.

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