FIFA revealed on Netflix The Godfather of Football

Netflix shows “FIFA Revealed”. The documentary series presents the criminal activities of the FIFA on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Documentaries on Netflix FIFA revealed It begins with stunning arrest scenes from 2015 and media reports about them: at the time, the FBI had arrested 14 members of the Executive Board in Zurich at a hotel where FIFA officials always stay, on suspicion of corruption. The scammer who badly believed the FBI began investigating in 2010, shortly after FIFA awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar: USA was the favorite in the award process against Qatar.

But the truth is, the FBI has evidence. Lots of evidence so far that ten FIFA officials have been convicted of corruption. The US Department of Justice’s press conference with FBI Director Jim Comey generated waves of media unlike many investigative stories from the world of organized crime. Series FIFA revealed But she leaves this scandal from 2015 only as appetizers and salutations from the documentary kitchen of critical football fans as the biggest ever sports corruption scandal going back to 1974, when Germany hosted the World Cup. That was when the rise of Swiss Sepp Blatter began, who, for decades, transformed the FIFA from a small organization that resided in an apartment in Switzerland into a global corporation.

Series FIFA revealed It briefly goes back to the year FIFA was founded in 1904, showing old black and white films from the World Cup, and then back to 1974, when English referee and FIFA President Sir Stanley Ross was replaced by Brazilian industrialist Joao Havelange in the match vote. The series explores how Avelange became the first person in FIFA to use two factors to gain power: promises to countries in Africa to apply political pressure on the apartheid state of South Africa were the first factor; Allocations of funds in second envelopes. That same year, Avelange hired young Sepp Blatter for marketing within FIFA. As his first major official business, Blatter brought global brand Coca Cola on board. Television rights marketing went to marketing company ISL, which was founded by Adidas president Horst Dassler.

FIFA revealed It’s very interesting in this description of how the mechanics of corruption were first described and then continually expanded, because director Daniel Gordon has combined powerful and iconic film sequences from football history into an increasingly powerful formula that captures the story. In between, from the FIFA informant to the Guardian journalist and the clean-headed FIFA official to the godfather of FIFA – Sepp Blatter – everyone talks in front of a Netflix mic of what they know and think. It’s done so well that you don’t know: Should I be pissed off by the many crimes in the name of football or is it just pure entertainment – a real crime, so to speak?

To predict: Just as FIFA continues to earnestly award World Cup trophies and, for example, satisfied USA outraged with the 2026 World Cup, FIFA will continue to exist in the future. FIFA revealed But like many other documentaries starting in time for the World Cup in Qatar, it’s just a media fig leaf about a sporting event that shouldn’t happen like this. Let’s see how to fit all the crucial functions in between without missing out on an important World Cup match. Too bad that games start at 11am and call for attention.

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