EMPRESS ROYAL Sequel – Netflix Confirms Season Two

Berlin, 8 November 2022 Empress It has wowed fans in German-speaking countries and all over the world since its launch. The series remained in the top 10 non-English language shows on Netflix for five weeks, and was also in the top ten in 88 countries including Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia, as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Netflix is ​​now announcing a second season of the historical drama about the extraordinary Empress Elizabeth, Emperor Franz, and their court environment.

over here Video message from Devrim Linnau, Philip Froissant, Johannes Nussbaum and Almila Bagriacik.

“I am so grateful that we were able to touch such a diverse group of people in Germany and around the world with our series. Elizabeth’s life story is a story about the power of love, but also about the courage to be different and hope for a better future. And that’s what we need right now. That’s why we’re so happy that we We are able to continue telling this story.” commented Showrunner Katharina Essen.

Vice President of DACH . Content in NetflixAnd the Katya Hovim Added: “It is great to see that our position on this beloved historical figure has intrigued and excited so many people. It shows us that people want to see more of Elizabeth.”

Producer Yuchen Lube The Summer House Series GmbH We look forward to the sequel: “We are still very early in the life of Empress Elizabeth with our series and we are very happy to be able to continue her story in season 2. But what is even more beautiful is that we have been working together for another two years with Katie, Robert, the actors we loved and the amazing team at Netflix.”

actors around Devrim Linnau, Philip Froissant, Melika Foroutan, Johannes Nussbaum, Almila Bagriacik And the Jordis Triple They will return to their roles. Catherine Essen He will also appear in the second season of the animated historical drama Show Acting creatively with the support of Executive Producer Robert Essen. For production draws again Summer House Series GmbH about Monday Producer Yuchen Lube And the Fabian Maubach responsible. scarlet lacy back as Executive Producer return.

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above The Empress – Season 1

When the rebellious Elisabeth (“Sisi”) meets Franz, the young Emperor of Austria, the couple’s precious love upsets the dynasty’s power structure. After the wedding, the young empress not only has to find her way into a world alien to her, but she must also prove herself against her mother-in-law Sophie, who was the most powerful woman in the Vienna court until then. a point. In addition, Maximilian, who was the second-born under his brother Franz, puts Elizabeth’s emotional world to a difficult test. As enemy forces take shape on the borders of the Habsburg Empire, a new revolution is in the air in Vienna. Elizabeth must discover who she can trust and at what cost to become Empress and a figure of hope for an entire people.

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