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21 Thrilling True Crime Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

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True crime documentaries – the so-called true crime documentaries – have been experiencing a real boom for some time. We’ve already tracked true crime cases to your ears.

Now let’s get into the real crime cases on screen. All mentioned documentaries are available on Netflix.

A glimpse of true crime documentaries:

“Making a killer”

Stephen Avery was imprisoned for 18 years for a crime he did not commit. A newly arranged DNA test proved this. In 2015, two years after his release, authorities arrested him again. Again to commit murder. Avery believes this is the second time he has been unjustly imprisoned and despite overwhelming evidence, he still considers himself a victim.

“Women and Killers”

Guy Georges is a French serial killer active in Paris in the 1990s. Two women, a police officer and the victim’s mother tried to find George and bring them to justice.

“Unsolved Secrets”

In each episode of Unsolved Mysteries, an unsolved murder case is presented. The series encourages viewers to help solve the issue and reach out if they learn or see anything.

“American Murder: The Family Next Door”

The Watts family is a typical American family. But then the pregnant Shanann and her two daughters disappear. The film focuses on the events that followed.

“the stairs”

Michael Peterson’s wife fell down the stairs and died. Then, a decade-long legal battle ensued over whether Peterson had anything to do with her death or whether it was just a tragic accident.

Detective Max Sutter knows how the perfect murder takes place:

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In 1969, Sister Cathy Cesnick was murdered in Baltimore. The criminal case has not been fully clarified. The case regained attention in the 1990s when abuse cases surfaced within the Catholic Church in the same city. The director of the seven-part true crime documentary now wants to know what happened at the time and whether Cesnik’s murder was covered up.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez was an eight-year-old boy who was abused by his parents. In addition to the murder trial, the documentary also shows what went wrong in the system. Because although the signs that he had been abused were clear, his death could not have been prevented.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer”

Richard Ramirez is also known as the “Night Stalker” and one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States. his approach? He chased – hence his name – his victims before striking. This four-part documentary series follows the hunt for Ramirez in the 1980s.

“Confession of a murderer”

In “The Murderer’s Confession” (German title: “Confessions of a Murderer”), offender Henry Lee Lucas confessed to several hundred murders he allegedly started in the 1980s. However, there are doubts about whether he actually killed that many people. He was convicted of three murders – his mother was one victim. However, history has made him one of the most famous killers.

“The Devil Next Door”

In Cleveland, John Demjanjuk lived a quiet life as an indescribable grandfather. Until one day the police came and said that it was Ivan the Terrible and that he tortured and killed a million Jews during World War II. The United States extradited him to Israel, where the trial sessions began.

“Wild Wild Country”

Wild Wild Country tells the story of the Bhagwan movement of Guru Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh in the 1980s. The Indian community settled in Oregon, USA and angered the locals with their practices and way of life. But there is also conflict within Rajneeshpuram.

“I’m a murderer”

In “I’m a Murderer” each episode revolves around a different criminal on death row. Prisoners share their view of the crimes they committed and what they experienced while on death row.

“Murder on the Coast”

A teen was found murdered on the Costa del Sol, Spain in 1999. Two years later, despite the lack of evidence, one person was convicted of the murder. The case could only be settled when another murder victim was found in 2003 and a link to the first case was established.

“The World’s Most Wanted”

In “The World’s Most Wanted” (German title: “The World’s Most Wanted Criminal”) – as the title already says – the world’s most wanted criminals are ranked by topic. These criminals have so far evaded the authorities and have not been caught by the international searches either.

“Patent Files”

In each episode, members of the Innocence Project attempt to help unjustly convicted prisoners challenge their sentences and prove their innocence.

“Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel”

In 2013, Elisa Lamm disappeared without a trace while staying at the Cecil Hotel. The chain not only reaches the bottom of Lam’s condition but also reaches into the hotel’s dark past. Two serial killers temporarily remain at the hotel in Los Angeles: Richard Ramirez (“Night Stalker”) and Jack Untroiger.

More about exciting series and movies:

“Sam’s Children”

“Son of Sam” is David Berkowitz’s nickname. In the 1970s, he terrorized New York with indiscriminate attacks. The documentary “Sons of Sam: Descent into the Darkness” is about a journalist who becomes obsessed with the case. In his opinion, the murders were connected with a satanic cult.

“Who killed Malcolm X?”

Malcolm X (real name: Malcolm Little) was a controversial human rights activist during the civil rights movement in the United States. In 1965 he was shot before performing. In this six-part series, an activist embarks on a search for truth and justice.

“Evil genius”

In 2003, a gang carries out a “diabolical” robbery of a bank in the US state of Pennsylvania. Not only does the robbery end with the death of a pizza delivery boy, but the police find a frozen body linked to the crime near the scene.

“Memories of a Murderer: The Nielsen Tapes”

Dennis Nielsen was a Scottish serial killer who confessed to 15 murders between 1978 and 1983. This documentary explores how he grew up from a boy from a small fishing village to a cold-blooded serial killer.

A Mercy Murder – The Cynthia Brown Story

Cynthia Brown was sentenced to 51 years in prison for murder when she was 16. In 2017, suspicions of her guilt arose and her case was reopened. During her first hearing in 2004, Brown defended herself.

What true crime documentary got you addicted?

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