Wasp stings again: The start of the second season of the hit Sky Original

Unterföhring (ots) – – From December 15, 2022 on Sky and WOW – Comedy series by Gaumont for Sky Studios – Director: Tobi Baumann based on scripts by Jan Berger – Main roles will be played again by Florian Lukas, Lisa Wagner and Leonard Checher – Other roles include Merritt Becker, Katja Filin, Peter Lohmer, Henry Morales and Alexander Jovanovic – all episodes available to view in the Sky Screening Room – first images can be downloaded here (https://app.shift.io/review/6363772e1c331e4a911e01a3)

Unterfoehring, November 3, 2022 – The return of Dart legend Eddie Frotzke: After a successful first season, all “Die Wespe (https://www.sky.de/serien/die-wespe)” fans can look forward to more crazy episodes. Looking forward to the series. The comedian. “The Wasp” can be watched exclusively on Sky and broadcast with WOW starting December 15, 2022. A third season is already planned for 2023 on Sky.

The main roles were again played by Florian Lucas (“Goodbye, Lenin!”, “Der Oberlaufer”) as Eddie “Die Wasp” Frotzke and Lisa Wagner (“Kommissarin Heller”, “Weissensee”), famous for their performances as Manu Frotzke in the first season. Received the German Acting Award in the category “Comedy Role”. Leonard Checher (“The Billion Dollar Code” and “Das Boot”) also returns as Kevin. In weiteren Rollen sind ua Meret Becker (“Tatort”), Aleksandar Jovanovic (“Souls” ), PeterLohmeyer (“Das Wunder von Bern”), Katia Fellin (“Der Palast”) und Henry Morales (“Orpheus’ Song”) zu Look.

The script is again by Jan Berger (“The Doctor”, “I’ve Never Been to New York”), the second season directed by Toby Baumann (“Bastuka”, “Fake Hitler”). The two producers are Andreas Press and Sabine de Mardt. Sky Executive Producer is back with Quirin Schmidt once again.

About the Wasp (https://www.sky.de/serien/die-waspe):

shock! Eddie (Florian Lucas) is in prison. As his wife Manu (Lisa Wagner) continues to try to establish herself in the Arrow scene, he struggles for emotional survival in prison. But then he makes a deal with the judiciary: Eddie is released early for good behavior, but he has to stay away from darts in all forms until the end of the probationary period.

As Manu advances in her career, Eddie hangs out illegally in the Berlin area at illegal darts tournaments. But probation officer Barbel (Merritt Baker) waits for him only when he makes a mistake. Along with his old friend Kevin (Leonard Cheshire), Eddie initially earns a lot of money in tournaments. But then debt collectors Udo (Peter Lohmer) and Raul (Henry Morales) set a trap for them and suddenly Eddie and Kevin owe the betting mafia €50,000. Of course, Manu and Barbel should never find out about her, because Eddie has already promised Manu never to lie to her again. And Eddie doesn’t want to go back to the den, either. But it comes as it should: Barbel and Manu catch Eddie red-handed and have to go back to prison, while Manu’s career reaches unknown heights with the support of her mental trainer Ansgar (Alexander Jovanovic). But Eddie does not give up. Free once again, the wasp regains her will to live and tries to take revenge on Ansgar in the Big Darts Tournament for his conviction for betting cheating. He still has no idea that Manu and Jolanda Belidorn (Katja Fellin) have also discovered Ansgar’s secret and are pursuing their own plans.

Quirin Schmidt, Sky Executive Producer: “After the highly successful start of Season 1, we are thrilled to continue telling the story of Eddie and his entourage. With Jan Berger’s great scripts, we take a step outside the world of corner bars and into the ‘dazzling’ world of illegal underground tournaments. It certainly wouldn’t be easier for Eddie, because again it takes so many tricks, white lies, and a lot of amazing darts to become one with himself and (darts) the universe again. We’re so happy to have Toby Bowman on board to get her out, he directs the story With a great deal of affection towards the characters, but also with a strong sense of the quirky and weird world of the series, so fans can look forward to a fast-paced, funny and warm-hearted encounter Eddie, who Florian Lucas embodies once again so coherently!”

Andreas Press, Gaumont Chief Executive Producer, adds: “The idea to tell a story about the former darts champion was so bold and fun in Season 1. True to the motto ‘Start with the fireworks and increase it slowly’ the new episodes will feature an abundance of very special surprises in store, punctuated by dialogue The fun done by Jan Berger.”


As of December 15, 2022, every Thursday from 8:15 p.m. in double episodes on Sky One. The full season will be available on-demand on WOW and Sky Q starting December 15.


Original title: “Die Waspe (https://www.sky.de/serien/die-wespe)”, comedy series, six episodes each, about 25 minutes, D 2022. Screenplay: Jan Berger. Producers: Andreas Press, Sabine de Mardt. Executive Producer: Quirin Schmidt. Directed by Toby Baumann. Cast: Florian Lucas, Lisa Wagner, Leonard Checher, Merritt Becker, Katja Filin, Peter Lohmer, Alexander Jovanovic, Henry Morales.

About Gaumont:

Gaumont is the oldest continuously operating film studio in the world. The French family business has been producing high-quality films and feature series since 1895, including classics such as “In the Rush of the Deep”, “Léon der Profi”, “La Boum – Die Fete” and “Pretty Best Friends” as well as the series The current Netflix “Lupine”.

With the subsidiary founded in Los Angeles in 2011, Gaumont is also opening up to the US market. The hit series “Narcos” and “Hemlock Grove” were produced for Netflix and “Hannibal” for NBC.

Since 2018, Gaumont has also been producing at the German site under the management of Sabine de Mardt. Based in Cologne and Berlin, unusual products are produced – Made in Germany. Immediately after its founding, Gaumont Germany produced one of Netflix’s most elaborate German versions, “Barbaren,” while the award-winning TV movie “9 Tage Wach” (Pro7) about an actor (Eric Stehfest) struggling with his addiction to crystal methamphetamine was also produced. At the same time.

Meanwhile, Gaumont Germany has firmly established itself with a team of experienced producers and has realized ambitious material in a variety of genres: in 2021, among other things, “Die Waspe” for Sky, a first-class comedy series about a lovable underdog From the environment of Arrows and one of the most successful German Sky Originals films, “Westwall” (ZDF, Neoriginal), adapted from the thriller Benedikt Gollhardt, relentlessly shows how terrorism and extremism can penetrate the mainstream of society. In addition to the second season of “Die Waspe”, Gaumont Germany is currently producing the “What counts (AT)” (ZDF) mini-series for Sky, as well as the WDR TV movie Nothing Happens to Us.

About Sky Germany

Sky Deutschland is one of the leading entertainment companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The program collection consists of the best live sports, exclusive series, the latest movies, a wide range of children’s programmes, exciting documentaries and entertainment shows – many of which are Sky Originals. Viewers can watch the show at home and on the go via Sky Q and WOW. The Sky Q entertainment platform offers everything from one source: Sky and free TV channels, thousands of on-demand movies and series, media libraries and many other applications. With WOW, customers stream series, movies and live sports with flexibility in terms of location, time and on a monthly basis. Sky Germany, headquartered in Unterföhring near Munich, is part of the Comcast Group and belongs to Europe’s leading media and entertainment group Sky.

About Sky Studios:

Sky Studios develops, produces and funds its own dramas, comedies and documentaries for 24 million Sky customers and many other potential viewers. Building on the success of previous critically acclaimed Sky Originals films, including the 10-Emmy Award-winning Chernobyl series and international shows Babylon Berlin, Der Pass and Das Boot, Sky Studios presents itself as a new creative universe for Sky originals such as The Third Day, Starring Jude Law, Zero Zero from the creators of Gomora and The New Pop, directed by Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino.

Sky Studios invests in the cultural and film industries around the world and has interests in ten production companies in the UK and USA. Sky Studios was established in June 2019. The company’s senior leadership includes Cecil Fruit-Cutaz as CEO, Jane Milliship as Head of Content, Carolyn Cooper as Chief Operating Officer, Cameron Roach as UK Drama Director, John Montague as UK Director of Comedy, and Nils Hartmann as Executive Vice President. Sky Studios Italy and Germany.

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