Netflix is ​​expanding its Natural History franchise with six new documentaries, starting November 22 with The Universe

We are excited to expand our commitment to important documentaries on natural history and will be releasing six new documentaries over the next few years. It will launch on November 22 Universe With Morgan Freeman as narrator.

With nature documentaries, we can better know, understand and appreciate the wonders and complexities of our environment. The potential stories are endless. They range from the historical beginnings of the Earth, to the environment we live in today, to the planet we are creating in the future. With exciting movie clips and innovative technologies, these cinematic documentaries bring even the most bizarre creatures or the smallest microorganisms on our planet into our living rooms.

It is not surprising that viewers all over the world love films and series about our planet. Since its premiere in April 2019, more than 100 million families have watched the documentary series our planet look. The documentary series was launched in April of this year Our wonderful national parks It instantly hit the top 10 English language series on Netflix in 26 countries. We’re also proud of our two Emmy Awards winning documentary series.

Supervised by visionary producers and presented by renowned storytellers, the series never fails to amaze and entertain curious people of all ages.

The new series includes:

Universe It premiered on November 22, 2022 and was presented by Morgan Freeman. log line: This six-part documentary series is based on the BBC Studios and presented by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. The epic story covers a period of 13.8 billion years. Through its exciting natural shots and stunning special effects, it takes viewers on a fascinating adventure where they learn how everything in nature is connected. Introduction from the birth of the sun to the birth of a sea turtle Universe Groundbreaking animation to illustrate the immense astronomical forces that created our solar system. Using the latest technology and CGI technology, viewers can experience some of the most amazing animals on Earth up close. Executive Producer: Andrew Cohen the offer: Mike Davis, Production company: bbc studios, appearance: 6 x 45 minutes. More pictures to download Do you think …? over here.

Our second planet Coming in 2023 and will be presented by Sir David Attenborough. log line: Behind the Emmy Award winning team planet earth And the our planet also arises Our second planet. Billions of animals move around the planet every second. Through stunning footage and innovative technology, Our Planet II unveils the mysteries behind the great animal migrations, and tells us some of nature’s most exciting and compelling stories. Serial Producer: hey kurdish, Executive Producers: Alistair Fothergill, Keith Scholey, Production company: Silverback movies appearance: 4 x 50 minutes

life on our planet Coming in 2023 and presented by Morgan Freeman. log line: This is the story of the eternal struggle for supremacy and survival on planet Earth. Today, about 20 million species live on our planet. However, this is only a snapshot, because 99 percent of all living things that once existed on Earth have long been extinct. And the history of these dynasties – their rise and fall – is truly remarkable. Use with Industrial Light & Magic life on our planet The latest technology and science to bring extinct species back to life and tell the amazing story of life on our planet. Series producers: Dan Tapster, Keith Scholey, Alistair Fothergill, Executive Producers: Alistair Fothergill, Keith Scholey, Daryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Production company: Silverback movies, Amblin TV, appearance: 8 x 60 minutes

our oceans Coming in 2024. Logline: The oceans are the beating heart of our planet, yet they are largely unknown, unexplored, and undiscovered to us. Explored from the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, to the volcanic depths of the Atlantic and the unexpected currents of the Pacific Ring of Fire, to the frigid isolation of the Arctic and Antarctic our oceans The magical underwater world of wonders. Serial Producer: Jonathan Smith Executive Producer: James Honey Born Production company: Free Media, Wild Space Productions, appearance: 5 x 60 minutes

Our living world Coming in 2024. Logline: Everywhere on Earth, life pulsates on its thin, bluish-green flake crust. Celebrates the Earth’s amazing natural networks, backed by amazing science and captivating images Our living world Our living planet shows us the amazing connections that bind us all together and make possible the most amazing phenomenon in the universe – life. Serial Producer: Benroy Executive Producer: James Honey Born Production company: Free Media, Wild Space Productions, appearance: 4 x 45 minutes

Our aquatic world Coming in 2025. Logline: Our aquatic world Produced by Executive Producer of Our Blue Planet II It produces and researches the vast freshwater systems that feed the Earth and without which life on our planet would be impossible. From the frigid regions of this land to the rushing of giant rivers and waterfalls to the magical rainforests, this is the mysterious, amazing and exciting story of the extraordinary freshwater systems of our planet.Serial Producer: Jackie Garbutt Executive Producer: James Honey Born Production company: Free Media, Wild Space Productions, appearance: 5 x 60 minutes

You will find teaser video for download over here. You can find pictures for download over here.

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