New on Netflix: All Movies and Series October 2022 (List)

A new month is approaching, and many new movies and series will soon be available on Netflix. With us you can find out the headlines this month New on Netflix She and which one you should pay special attention to.

Netflix October 2022: Overview

Special Highlights You Should Definitely Watch On Netflix From October 2022

Tastes are known to vary which is why there is always fresh content for all interests. But some of the new titles are just too exciting and sometimes too big to ignore. Therefore, some of the highlights for Netflix in October 2022 need to be highlighted at this point.

“Nothing new in the West”

Erich Maria Remarque’s 1928 bestseller of the same name about the horrors of World War I has been filmed multiple times. Unforgotten is an adaptation of Lewis Milestone from 1930, which remains one of the most important (anti-war) films of all time and is also generally considered a great classic in film history.

It remains to be seen if the new version of Edward Berger will follow suit. However, the truth is that it is one of the biggest and most expensive German film productions ever, and both Netflix and German Films, the foreign agency for German films, are staring at the foreign Oscar. No wonder the movie has been showing in cinemas in advance and is now also appearing on the streaming service on October 28. Stars like Daniel Brühl or Albrecht Schuch posed for the camera.

by the wayIf you want to know what you haven’t seen from the previous month, check out our overview of the new Netflix highlights for September.

“Barbarians” season two

The “Barbarians” series also comes from Germany. The first season started in 2020, and now the sequel is finally following it. The work begins a year after the Battle of Varos, when a new Roman general was installed in Germania. In the meantime, Ari wants to be king of all the tribes – but he faces an opponent. It will last from October 21.

“The Good Nurse”

The star-studded Hollywood cinema will also be available on Netflix in October. The Good Nurse starring Eddie Redmayne (Fantastic Beasts series) and Jessica Chastain (Chapter 2). It’s about an overworked nurse who one day gets a new colleague. She can count on him at first – even the death of the patient raises questions. From October 26 you will know how it goes.

Recovery Team

After the United States performed surprisingly poorly at the 2004 Olympics and the 2006 World Basketball Championships, the 2008 team was on a mission: to restore the states’ reputation as the dominant nation in basketball. A star-studded cast including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Wade, Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony was formed for this purpose. This documentary explores her journey to the throne starting October 7.


Halloween, of course, is on the agenda again in October, so it’s no surprise so many spooky formats pop up on Netflix as well. Including the German horror film “The Old Men” (from October 7) about frightening old people. But also the series “Goosebumps at Midnight” (October 7), “Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” (October 25) and well-known licensed titles like “Annabelle Comes Home” or “Nightmare On Elm Street” (both October 1). Fear will teach you.

We will then summarize all the new movies and series for you by category.

All new series on Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
Sempari Reinas: Season 1 2.10.
Empire of the clownker: season 3 5.10.
Nailed It!: Season 7 5.10.
The Flood: Season One 5.10.
Captain Contigo: Season 1 5.10.
Dairy Girls: Season Three 7.10.
Goosebumps in the middle of the night 7.10.
Glitch: Season 1 7.10.
The Mole: Season 1 7.10.
Manu’s Break: Season 1 7.10.
Little Women: Season One 8.10.
The Cage: Season One 11.10.
Belascoarán, Private Investigator: Season 1 12.10.
Easy-Bake Battle: Home Cooking Competition: Season 1 12.10.
Wild Croc Territory: Season 1 12.10.
Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal: Season 1 13.10.
Playlist: miniseries 13.10.
For Fighters, For Crazy: Season 1 14.10.
The Holy Family: Season One 14.10.
Mismatched: Season Two 14.10.
Take 1: Season 1 14.10.
Once Upon a Time in a Small Town: Season 1 17.10.
Somebody Feed Phil: Season 6 18.10.
Unsolved puzzles: Number 3 EPS: 1-3 10/18
EPS: 4-6 10/25.
Love Is Blind: Season Three EPS: 1-4 10/19.
EPS: 5-7 10/26.
Notre Dame: a short series 19.10.
Green Gloves: Season 1 19.10.
28 Haunted Days: Season 1 21.10.
From scratch: Miniseries 21.10.
Barbarians: Season Two 21.10.
High: Confessions of a Drug Courier: Season 1 21.10.
Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosity: New Series 25.10.
Dubai Bling: Season 1 27.10.
The Foundling and the Devil Himself: Season 1 28.10.
Big Mouth: Season 6 28.10.
If you’ve known: Season 1 28.10.
Masters of Drink: Season 1 28.10.
Inside Man: Season 1 without an appointment

All new movies on Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
I dare 100 times 5.10.
Mr. Harrigan’s phone 5.10.
Togo 5.10.
the elderly 7.10.
I. A.m. So. happy. 7.10.
doll house 7.10.
borrowing wife 11.10.
The curse of the hollow bridge 14.10.
Good and Evil School 19.10.
the stranger 19.10.
chalk line 24.10.
Being 24.10.
The good nurse 26.10.
hell hole 26.10.
Duchi’s treasure 26.10.
family return 27.10.
Nothing new in the West 28.10.
Wendell and Wild 28.10.
The wild is the wind 28.10.
twentieth century girl without an appointment

All new documentaries coming to Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
13 In The Trap: How We Survived In A Cave In Thailand 5.10.
Nepal in Shock: The aftermath of the Mount Everest earthquake: Season 1 6.10.
Young Yugo’s joys and sorrows 6.10.
Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-portrait of a serial killer: miniseries 7.10.
recovery team 7.10.
Coastal Wolves Island: Season 1 11.10.
LiSA Another great day 18.10.
descending 21.10.
Carlos Ghosn: Curious escape from Japan 26.10.
Earth Storm: Forces of Nature: Season 1 27.10.
My Encounter with Evil: Season 1 28.10.
Anna Stalker: Season 1 28.10.

All new comedy specials on Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
Hassan Minhaj: The Clown King 4.10.
Kev Adams: I’m the real one 7.10.
Elisa Schlesinger: Forever Hot 11.10.
DEAW 13 Thai Stand Up Comedy movie 11.10.
Gabriel Iglesias: Flavian Stadium 18.10.
Franco Escamilla: eavesdropping 23.10.
Fortune Fimster: Good luck 25.10.

All New Kids and Families titles on Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
Potato Chips: Season 4 3.10.
Oddballs: The Odd Adventures of James & Max: Season 1 7.10.
Spirit Rangers: Season 1 10.10.
Dead End: Paranormal Park: Season 2 13.10.
Waffles and Mochis: Season 1 17.10.
Oni: The Story of the Thunder Goddess: Mini Series 21.10.
Barbie: Incredible Road Trip 25.10.
Family Attachment: Part Five 27.10.
Daniel Spellbound: Season 1 27.10.

All new anime on Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
The tiger and the rabbit 2 part 2 7.10.
Exception: Season 1 13.10.
Romantic Killers: Season 1 27.10.

Selected licensed titles on Netflix in October 2022

nickname Date
The Temptation of Tyler Perry: Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor 1.10.
losers 1.10.
Annabelle comes home 1.10.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1.10.
Friday 13 1.10.
Paranormal activity: hallmarks 1.10.

Source: Netflix

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