Jeprowder Bitz slips under the Lion Studios roof

Leonen Studios continues its expansion path: as of October 4, the company led by Fred Koegel will initially acquire more than 50 percent of the shares in Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG with its locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne with the remaining 50 percent acquisition option. Leonine already has the dominant majority. Leonen even directly acquires all of the shares in the Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion Lüneburg subsidiary.

Even after the acquisition, Gebrueder Beetz will remain an independent company and brand within the Leonine production segment, which also includes hyberbole, i & u TV, Madame Zheng Production, Odeon Fiction, SEO Entertainment, W&B Television and Wiedemann & Berg Film. The company’s founders, Christian and Reinhardt Betz, will remain on the board as managing directors. Fred Coogle, in addition to his job as CEO will also be responsible for non-fiction production and license purchases at Leonen, as part of the management team. George Chorchenthaler, who has been senior producer and presenter at Gebrueder Beetz for a long time, will be promoted to the position of Creative Director and will therefore be responsible for the development of new upscale documentaries.

Christian and Reinhardt Betz explain the decision to abandon independence and slip under the Leonen roof with the major challenges facing the international documentary: “Demands for production doubled and the market became very global. The audience first expected high-quality documentaries. In order to continue working from Germany for the global market, you are Need a strong partner.Under the umbrella of Leonen, a large number of exciting opportunities open up for us to carry out national and, above all, international collaborations and co-productions.We are focused on expanding our list of cutting-edge documentaries in the film and series sector with a global focus, thus intensifying our partnerships long-term relationships with broadcasters, broadcasters and distributors.

Leonine CEO Fred Kugel says of his recent acquisition: “With the Gebrueder Beetz Film Production Group, we have strengthened our position in the documentary sector with Germany’s most prominent production company. The new structure, along with the distinguished team at Film Gebrueder Beetz production, opens us many opportunities to participate in the strong growth of the national and international market in the authentication sector.Here we will invest in our IP addresses with international exploitation potential and in the development of our own materials.Christian and Reinhardt Beetz are pioneers and are known for their pioneering high-quality production, which is made It has also been regularly shown internationally and has been successful and winning awards. Its content direction fits perfectly with Leonen’s claim for premium content. We are very pleased to welcome Christian and Reinhardt as two of the top creative minds with their team.”

Since its founding in 2000, Gebrueder Beetz Film Production has made more than 250 productions, including the Academy Award-nominated documentary “Open Heart”, the Emmy-nominated documentaries “The Cleaners”, “The Hunt for Gaddafi Billions” and the Netflix documentary. “Rohwedder – Unity, Murder, and Freedom”. With “Reeperbahn – Special Unit 65”, the first GMPF-funded series is scheduled to be published as a high-quality documentary series for publication in the ARD media library this year. A Century of Sex Education will soon be shown in Cannes.

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