Reactions to the Netflix true crime documentary Bad Vegan

The new true crime documentary “Bad Vegan” is on everyone’s lips just a day after its release. the correct? Here you can find out if it is worth watching.

After the success of the blockbuster “Tinder Swindler” and “Inventing Anna,” another true crime documentary has appeared on Netflix. The producer of the four-part series is none other than Chris Smith, who’s already a hit with “Tiger King” and “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.”

What is a short series?

The series revolves around the story of restaurateur Sarma Melengels, who opened a successful raw vegan restaurant in New York called Pure Food and Wine. When she met a man on Twitter in 2011, disaster took its course.

It soon turns out that the man posing as Shane Fox is actually Anthony Strangis and he was already behind bars for theft. Because he promised her that he had changed and also out of financial support, they got married despite the lie.

Sarma Melengels wears sunglasses on her face.

Sarma Melengels wears sunglasses on her face.Photo: Netflix

Strangis tells Melngailis that he is working as an undercover cop. He finds a way to convince her to transfer money to him when he is in trouble. Anthony Strangis convinces his girlfriend to make her dreams come true: from growing a restaurant empire to owning a dog he can immortalize.

Anthony Strangis with a dog.

Anthony Strangis with a dog.Photo: Netflix

But things went differently. The borrowed amounts came at the expense of its employees and investors, who no longer receive their wages and shares.

The series deals with the dynamics of psychological violence in the context of the marital relationship. Strangis managed to isolate his wife from their social circle and made it clear that his older brother would keep a close eye on Melngailis while he was away.

As the situation increasingly became the focus of the media and law enforcement, the two decided to flee.

Feedback on the series:

Although the series only recently appeared on Netflix – on March 16, 2022 – there has already been a lot of backlash on Twitter:

What movie critics say:

Even on the forums of films and series, “Bad Vegan” has already been widely discussed. The choice of interview partners is always the focus of discussion. It is criticized that these come mainly from the orbit of Sarma Melengels. The producers spoke to Melngailis Restaurant staff, a co-business partner and Vanity Fair journalist who has written about Melngailis, among others. As a result, the docu series essentially tells one side of the story: the Melngailis side.

While watching, many could not shake off the feeling that part of the story was missing. One would like to know more about her identity before she became a star chef or how Strangis managed to manipulate his wife to such an extent. However, since he did not get a chance to speak, many questions remain unanswered. Despite some bias, the mini-series convinces with plenty of excitement (as one is used to Chris Smith) and closeness, which is established through a detailed interview with Melngailis.

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