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Prosecutor Rüdiger Bäger once said: “It was all about evil.” Special unit Reeperbahn FD65 Of course it is. The magic of the Reeperbahn can be adequately summed up with this word evil To express. Prostitution, gambling, diving bars, criminals, The Reeperbahn is a gift to filmmakers. These pictures, these numbers – everything lights up, everything stinks and everything seems so far removed from everyday life in Germany that everywhere else in the country you have to look. But nothing would be more boring than kitsch and cult.

ARD . documentation Special unit Reeperbahn FD65 Good meet, because the tone is withdrawn. Nor does she approach her thing from David’s guard post or from a brothel, which naturally occurs, but from a special police unit. In the early 1980s, the so-called Fachdirektion 65 (FD65) began investigating St. Pauli. Not only for stabbings, thefts and “promotion of prostitution”, as pimping is called in the German police. FD65, similar to the FBI, was looking for organized crime, the big picture. It was also identified on high-ranking colleagues from the Hamburg police, who may not have been completely uninvolved. And even contacts between neighborhood bosses and the mafia in the United States.

Why should documentaries on ARD become series and movies at the same time lately?

More than dazzling images and figures, therefore: “The Godfather of St. Pauli,” Wilfried Schulz, nicknamed Teflon Wilfred in police circles, was officially a boxing and boxing organizer. In his palace he looked like Denver clan‘,” reported his stepson at the time, Callie Schwensen, a disco worker who wore sunglasses, a mustache, and a uniquely Hamburg Franconian accent. Miami Vice Outside. Also the right-hand man of Wilfried Schultz, Dakota Oye, the man who deals with tough things. His son tells of the visits he made to the cafe with his mother, during which a policeman was always in hiding who darkened the two while they drank cocoa. Prostitutes take up less space, like Stella and Sunny, who don’t have much to say about working with pimps. Except that some of the “boys” were really good looking at the time, tanned teeth, white, curly blonde hair.

Contract killer Werner Benzner arrested.

(Photo: Betz Films Production/NDR)

On the other side are the investigators of the special unit, at the head of which is the Hamburg criminal Wolfgang Seeff, who founded the FD65. The documentary combines archival images, music, and the great heroes of the red-light district’s atmospheric story in the 1980s. From acrobatic sex shows to the arrival of AIDS and cocaine, the “White Lady” and gangsters in Reeperbahn, this is purely visual on a more fantastical level. But also in terms of content, Detective Silaf, as he was once on the trail of the American mafia in the Atlantic Hotel, will provide good cinematic material. The Reeperbahn is pictured with neon signs in the twilight anyway.

Documentary is at its best when its images subtly conflict with what is being said. For example, when a female investigator says that the hatred in the eyes of protesters at the time of street fights frightened her – and she sees how the police beat people in front of squatting in St. Pauli. Ina Kisbeom, George Chorchenthaler, Florian Fytois and Christian Betz are responsible for the book.

The only annoying thing is how ARD has formatted documentaries lately. Reeperbahn FD65 It’s available as a 90-minute movie, and also as a five-part series with 45-minute episodes. The film is for television and the series is more than twice its length for the media library. In theory, it might make sense to group the same production differently for your viewing habits on different media. It just doesn’t tell the story anything. The series shouldn’t just be a very long movie cut out, nor should the movie be a synopsis of a series so designed. At the end of both versions, one notes in the narration that it could not be fish or meat.

Reeperbahn Special Unit FD65 – Hamburg’s Battle against Organized Crime, Das Erste, Sunday 9:45 p.m. and at ARD media library.

Reeperbahn Special FD65 unit, series, five episodes in the ARD media library.

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