New on Netflix and Amazon Prime: Series recommendations for the first week of March

Vikings: Valhalla premieres on Netflix on February 25.Photo: / Picturelux

Sophia Sirman

You can almost feel spring, but it’s still cool enough that we want to spend some time indoors. So get yourself comfortable on the couch and turn on the streaming service of your choice. To make your choice easier, we’ve picked the hottest new releases and the best classics for the week of February 25 to March 4.

Whether it’s documentaries, sitcoms, mystery thrillers, or anything in between: you’ll find just the right series and movies for you in the Watson Series Guide!



Starting February 25, you can watch the new Vikings series “Vikings: Valhalla” on Netflix. Despite the title, the series only has to do with “Vikings” to a limited extent: the plot begins about 100 years later, so there will be none of the famous “Vikings” characters. The follow-up series instead revolves around another famous Norseman: the focus is on Leif Eriksson, who is believed to be the first European to set foot on the North American continent. The Christian faith that was spreading in Europe at that time created tensions between the different peoples.

There's a new series of recommendations from Watson's editor Sophia.

There’s a new series of recommendations from Watson’s editor Sophia. Photo: de Matte

Amazon Prime Video

Science Fiction

Season 2 of “Star Trek: Picard” will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting March 4. In the first season, viewers found a completely changed galaxy 18 years after the plot of “Star Trek: Nemesis”. The planet Romulus collapsed and a catastrophe occurred on Mars, which is why Android devices have been banned ever since. In the second season, Captain Jean-Luc Picard has more problems. Among other things, he has to travel to the past in order to save the future.


Drama love

On Sky you can watch “Ammonite” with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan starting March 2. That’s what it’s all about: after resigning from the male-dominated scientific world in London, paleontologist Mary retired to a small seaside village in southwest England. There she takes care of her sick mother and keeps her head above water by selling fossils to tourists. Her monotonous life becomes a mess when she greets young and moody Charlotte. The initially friendly feelings soon develop into more. This changes the lives of both women irreversibly.

Disney +


Starting March 2, you can watch the remake of the musical “West Side Story” on Disney+. Directed by Steven Spielberg. The 1961 film remake is about two rival youth gangs in New York. On the one hand, there are the descendants of European immigrants who have lived in America for several generations, and on the other hand, there are the children of the first generation of immigrants from Latin America. They are united by poverty and the poor conditions in which they live. When two teens from different camps fall in love with each other, they change existing relationships.

ZDF MediaTek


In the ZDF media library you will find the six-part documentary series “Ancient Apocalypse”. It tells how well-known and lesser-known cultures perished. We know that the North Sea was a land and people lived there. It reports on the real historical models of Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah of the biblical people. Natural phenomena and environmental changes run like a red thread across the six parts. The cool thing about it is not only the historical facts, but also seeing how scientists work and thus unraveling the mysteries of history.

movie of the week

In the media library Tele 5, on you can find the feature film “Predastination” with Ethan Hawke in the main role until March 13. This is probably the best Christopher Nolan movie that Christopher Nolan has not directed. Hawk is a time travel agent who wants to prevent a bomb attack. Of course, there’s an obligatory time paradox: Hook meets a man turned woman who seeks revenge on her child’s father and then discovers that he was or will be the same father. So confusing!

There have been discussions about the true crime series “Dahmer – Monster” for weeks. Based on real events, the plot revolves around serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who mutilates the bodies of his victims and eventually commits cremation. Criticism of the show was not long in coming.

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