Netflix in November 2022: These are the new movies, series, and more

Netflix has announced the new content that awaits you in November 2022. Among other things, Tim Burton’s “Wednesday” series debuts with the streaming provider!

Of course, that’s not all of the streaming provider’s repertoire. Meanwhile, a note from us: If you want to sample Netflix next month, you’ll have new options: the ad-funded base tariff will start at the beginning of November. Loyal customers and newcomers will then be able to watch the fifth season of “The Crown” over the next few months, or among the films, for example, the in-house production “Enola Holmes 2”.

Perhaps some readers are interested in the anime “Lookism” or want to entertain children with Teletubbies? In addition, there are also new licensed titles such as “The Fighter” and “Scoob!”. On the other hand, among the documentaries is “FIFA Uncovered”, which some football fans will surely like to watch. Among the comedy specials, on the other hand, Trevor Noah was supposed to reach viewers with his “I Wish I Were” show.

Of course, not everything can be to your liking, but we hope that at least some content is included for you. Other than that, it might be worthwhile to go back to new movies, series, documentaries, and more from October 2022. Maybe you missed something there?

Netflix is ​​reducing the number of licensed titles

Overall, we’re definitely not the only ones to note that Netflix only has a few top-tier licensed titles to offer. This is because competitors like Disney with Disney+, Universal with Peacock, or Paramount with Paramount+ now prefer to keep their content together for their own streaming platforms. This also applies to Warner Bros. Discovery, which holds HBO Max there — and delivers content to Sky Germany in Germany.

What are your highlights of November 2022 on Netflix? Are there movies, series, and partners that specifically meet your taste?

Netflix in November 2022

Netflix series

Young Royals: Season Two 1/11/2022
The Manifesto: Season 4, Part 1 4/11/2022
The Crown: Season 5 9/11/2022
Around the World with Zac Efron: Season Two: Australia 11/11/2022
1899 11/17/2022
Dead to Me: Season 3 11/17/2022
Elite: Season 6 18/11/2022
Wednesday 23/11/2022
the movies 3/11/2022
amazing 4/11/2022
Buy Beverly Hills 4/11/2022
Love Doesn’t Lie: Sardinia 10/11/2022
Warrior Nun: Season Two 10/11/2022
run for money 11/15/2022
be polite 16/11/2022
someone 18/11/2022
Inside the Job: Part 2 18/11/2022
Under the queen’s umbrella 11/19/2022
unbroken sound 23/11/2022
the first love 24/11/2022
Blood and Water: Season Three 25/11/2022
snack vs. president 30/11/2022

Enola Holmes 2 4/11/2022
King’s Knight 4/11/2022
dad’s dragon 11/11/2022
wonder 16/11/2022
Slumberland 18/11/2022
swimmers 23/11/2022
takeover 1/11/2022
Panayiotis Baskut: Approx. 3/11/2022
Klaus family 2 8/11/2022
Fully mutated: The Football Cup is in danger 9/11/2022
Falling in Christmas 10/11/2022
stray bullet 2 10/11/2022
Kal – Don’t leave me 11/11/2022
Monica, my love 11/11/2022
next to the track 16/11/2022
lost lottery 16/11/2022
Christmas with you 11/17/2022
El joao 23/11/2022
Christmas at the mistletoe farm 23/11/2022
timetable 23/11/2022
Noel’s Diary 24/11/2022
My name is Vendetta 30/11/2022
business man 30/11/2022
Netflix Special

trivial 8/11/2022
Documentaries on Netflix

FIFA revealed 9/11/2022
Jessalyn Maxwell: Dirty Rich 25/11/2022
killer sally 2/11/2022
Orgasm Inc: The Story of One Taste 5/11/2022
Alabama State vs Brittany Smith 10/11/2022
Arrest of the killer nurse 11/11/2022
Is this black enough for you?!? 11/11/2022
On the trail of lost civilizations 11/11/2022
the support 11/14/2022
Racionais: The Ruas de Sao Paulo Pro Mundo 16/11/2022
with their own hands 16/11/2022
Pepsi, where’s my plane? 11/17/2022
I’m Vanessa Gillen 11/17/2022
Taco Story: Beyond Borders 23/11/2022
Blood, sex and kings 23/11/2022
Killed: Texas Killing Fields crime scene 11/29/2022
Take your pills: Xanax 30/11/2022
What happened to the dolphin king? Available soon
Netflix Comedy Specials

Trevor Noah: I hope you do 22/11/2022
Neil Brennan: blocks 8/11/2022
Dion Boy Cole Charlene 11/15/2022
Joanna Nordstrom: Call the police 11/15/2022
Romish Ranganathan: The satirist 11/29/2022
Netflix for kids and family

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 6 1/11/2022
Dragon Prince: Season 4 3/11/2022
Diba and Anoop: Season Two 7/11/2022
Teletubbies 11/14/2022
Jurassic World: New Adventures: Hidden Adventure 11/15/2022
Cuphead Show!: Part 3 18/11/2022
Answer the round with StoryBots 21/11/2022
My Little Pony – Hoof and Heart: Chapter 2 21/11/2022
Action Pack Saves Christmas 28/11/2022
Animal Cases from Kate and Sam: Season Two 30/11/2022
Netflix Anime

The appearance 4/11/2022
Choose license titles

LEGO Ninjago: Season Three, Part One – The Island 1/11/2022
LEGO Ninjago: Season 3 Part 2 – The Sea 1/11/2022
Scoop! 1/11/2022
Worst Witch: Season 4 1/11/2022
the fighter 1/11/2022
Kingchard 1/11/2022
Minions & More Volume 2 8/11/2022
Middle Ages 8/11/2022

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