Live broadcast tips: Our editorial team recommends TV series for the fall season

the crown

The drama series is dedicated to the life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, with many famous actors and actresses making the series an award-winning masterpiece.

Seen on: Netflix

sons of anarchy

Strong men, a lot of rough talk. The drama and action series “Sons of Anarchy” revolving around the motorcycle gang of the same name may be over, but it’s worth it for a real marathon.

Seen on: Disney +

the network

The ‘Network’ fantasy series project consists of several nationally independent but narratively intertwined series produced in different languages ​​across countries. World football is the unifying element of this series, as its stories and central characters intersect again and again in all series.

To watch from November on: ARD Media Library / On TV at ARD

Here’s the trailer


If you like superhero movies with a lot of action, then “The Boys” is the place for you. The series takes place in a world where superheroes are celebrated as celebrities. The chain quickly shows that this is causing problems.

Can be seen on: Amazon Prime Video

Gilmore Girls

Everyone knows the series or has heard of it. Dramatic was a huge success in the 2000s, and in seven seasons it became a “must-see on TV” for everyone who loves such a TV series. In 2016, an eighth season was added in honor of the late actor Edward Hermann.

Seen on: Netflix

Only the murders in the building

A mysterious killing comedy with star power. In addition to singer Selena Gomez, he also plays Old Masters Martin Short and Steve Martin. The three live in a large apartment complex in New York and barely know each other until a murder occurs. They go in search of the killer and at the same time make a podcast about him. Well equipped and impressively organised.

Seen on: Disney +

Woodstock 99

Everyone has seen or heard of Woodstock 69 before. But do you also know the Woodstock 99 revival and all the drama that happened there? If not, we recommend this documentary containing film recordings from 1999 and stories from the participants.

Seen on: Netflix

The Capture

Private Sean Emery is suspected of murdering his attorney. Surveillance recordings allegedly attest to this. This thriller and mystery movie series is for people with good nerves.

Can be seen on: Magenta TV / Amazon Prime Video (after payment)

What do we do in the shadows?

Inspired by the movie “5 Rooms, Kitchen, Coffin” by “Thor: Day of Decision” director Taika Waititi, it is about sharing a vampire apartment on Staten Island. It’s ridiculous and stingingly funny, it’s about the problems vampires face in the modern world and with each other. If you are not afraid of blood and bat pee, you should definitely check it out.

Seen on: Disney +


As the name suggests, a disgraced and dysfunctional Chicago family named the Gallaghers are followed into their daily lives. She belongs to the lower class and lives in a modest single-family home on the South Side, a disadvantaged area of ​​the American capital. Curtain for lots of chaos, drama and flashes of laughter.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime Video

Trash can not be missing

As is well known, trash TV formats are also important topics of conversation in many canteens or offices. So of course we’re nurturing that field as well. We have two recommendations. First, Prince Charming. For those who don’t know it yet: On a dating show based on the Bachelor model, a young man is looking for his prince. On the other hand, we recommend Temptation Island to you. Four couples set out to test their love. This is where the babes, who are supposed to make the lives of couples hell, come into play. Noise and tears are inevitable.

Both formats can be viewed on: RTL +


In the thriller “The Watcher,” the Brannock couple are intimidated by a stalker. Many well-known actresses and actors enrich this mini-series. Its concept adapts to today’s world, making it one of the most successful series on Netflix this year.

Seen on: Netflix

Thai cave rescue

Do you remember the cave drama of a young Thai soccer team who was trapped in a cave cut off from the outside world for several days? This is her story – “Thai Cave Rescue” brings the true story to the screen.

Seen on: Netflix

Love in the spectrum

Finding love is not easy for anyone. The unpredictable world of dating presents unique challenges for young people on the autism spectrum. The documentary series Love on the Spectrum highlights this problem with several case examples.

Seen on: Netflix

The trailer is here

for the athlete among you

If you also enjoy the sports in between, we recommend some documentaries to watch. Below: Reports of the promotion season for FC Schalke 04 (can be seen on RTL+), a return to the Bundesliga. Or one around 1. FC Köln, the traditional club from the Rhine (can be seen on the sports broadcasting service DAZN).

If you want to plunge into nostalgia, the editors recommend a documentary about Michael Schumacher, “Schumi”. But the documentary “The Last Dance” is also impressive. Here the famous Chicago Bulls basketball team from the ’90s is pictured, of course with the legend Michael Jordan. The Schumi and Jordan documentary is available on Netflix.

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