‘Dahmer’ creator Ryan Murphy has called the families of the victims

28.10.2022 – 12:58

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‘Dahmer’ creator Ryan Murphy has called the families of the victims

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“Dahmer” creator Ryan Murphy has had a hit with his true crime series.

The popular Netflix movie “Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer” has been controversially discussed. Above all, the victims’ relatives and friends criticize the true crime chain. “Dahmer” creator Ryan Murphy revealed that 20 of them were contacted while investigating the series.

The creator of the Netflix hit “Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer”, Ryan Murphy (56), has called relatives and friends of the victims while searching for the true crime series. “It’s something we’ve been looking for for a very long time,” he explained at an event for the series at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles. “We’ve reached out to about 20 families and friends of the victims over the three or three and a half years that we’ve been writing and working on it for input and talking to people and not someone who reached out to us answered in the process.”

“So we relied so heavily on our team that I don’t even know how they found so much of this material.” Murphy said they spent many days and nights trying “to find out the truth about these people.”

Criticism from relatives

Contact and careful research or not: Some relatives criticize the series in plain words. “My (Isbells) family is pissed off at this show,” He writes about the murder of Errol Lindsey on Twitter. “It’s shocking over and over again, and why? How many films/shows/documentaries do we need?” His cousin Rita Ispel was Errol’s sister Lindsay.

The series reproduces Rita Espel’s testimony in court hearing. Jeffrey Dahmer was charged in the courtroom and restrained by bailiffs. Isbell also commented on the series. “It was like getting everything back,” she wrote on Insider. “It brought back all the feelings I had at the time.” Shirley Hughes, the mother of Tony Hughes, who had an affair with Dahmer before his murder, was also crucial. She told the Guardian that the series depicts the story of her son.

Murphy: I would gladly pay for the memory myself

Paris Barclay (66), who directed the sixth and tenth episodes of “Dahmer,” defended the execution. “We really want it to be about honoring these victims,” ​​he said. “When Tony writes ‘I’m not going away’ on the last card, that’s what this show is about. It’s about making sure these people aren’t erased from history, that they have a place, that they are recognized as important and that they have a full life. They come from all Kinds of countries, but they were real people.”

Murphy was open to the idea of ​​erecting a memorial to the victims. “Anything we can do to make it happen, I’d even pay for myself,” he said. “I think there has to be something. And we’re trying to get people to talk about it. I think there’s some resistance because they think the park is going to attract people interested in seeing horrific atrocities in honor. But I think something has to be done.”

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