Amazon Prime: When does the price increase apply in Germany?

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most popular streaming services in Germany. There are regularly new movies, series, documentaries, and live sports to watch here. Amazon has now announced a price increase.
  • How much does Prime Video cost? In Germany now and in the future?
  • Since when Should the price increase take effect?
  • Which Subscription forms exist?
  • exist Discounts and offers?
  • Can I Prime Video in a File 1 month free trial tests?
  • Which Payment Options Do you offer Prime Video?

Here you can find all the information about pricing, costs and subscriptions for Prime Video:

How much will Prime Video cost in Germany in the future?

video head It is part of Amazon Prime in Germany. This premium offer from the online giant Amazon includes, for example, free and faster delivery of ordered merchandise. This is in relation to the broadcast service Prime Video is available with two different subscription options. This cost is currently:

  • Monthly subscription for 7.99€ per month
  • Annual subscription for 69.00 euros per year (equivalent to 5.75 euros per month)

At the end of July, Amazon has one price increase announced. In the future, Prime will be available at the following prices:

  • Monthly subscription for €8.99 per month
  • Annual subscription for €89.90 per year

(equivalent to 7.49 euros per month)

Amazon justified the price increase by “general and significant cost changes due to inflation, which are based on external circumstances beyond our control.”

When will the price increase take effect?

The change shall take effect “as soon as possible when the next payment is due, on or after September 15, 2022Amazon said. In the announcement, the world’s largest online retailer also noted that this was the first increase in Germany since 2017 and that the offer had been expanded into video streaming, among other things.

The Boost hits football fans too, which will already have to accept a second price increase in a few weeks. At the beginning of July, the sports internet broadcaster DAZN announced that it would practically double its monthly subscription prices.

Can I try Prime Video with a one-month free trial?

Yes, Amazon offers one Prime Free trial period on me. The length of this free offer is currently 30 days.

Prime Video: Are there discounts and offers?

Yes there is. For example, there are currently Special offers for students or trainees. They only pay half the usual monthly price for their training period, i.e. currently 3.99 €. Proof of study or training for Amazon is required. This can be done, for example, with a trainee card or a certificate of registration from the university.

By the way, the same discount applies to people who Broadcast fee exempt Or you have a social pass. Following the now announced price increase, the following prices apply to Prime Student:


What payment options does Prime Video offer?

Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime over Various payment options bankable. For example:

  • credit cards
  • direct debit
  • coupons
  • Monthly account statements

Channels on Prime Video

In addition to the basic offer on Prime Video, many channels can be booked through the streaming service. Some of these cost extra. There is a selection in this Amazon overview.

Best series on Prime Video

Which series on Prime Video is worth watching? We’ve summarized the best reviews in this additional post. here they are Top 10 seriesCurrently showing on Prime Video:

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