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The Ramstein plane crash was one of the most serious disasters in post-war history. The feature film “The Pierced Heart” presents the fate of the affected people and their families, and is available in the ARD Media Library.

On August 28, 1988, the U.S. Air Force held its annual Open House at Ramstein Air Force Base. Planned as the usual happy folk festival with a spectacular air show, the three plane crash was destined to be a disaster that killed 70 people and injured hundreds. The feature film with Max Hubacher, Trystan Pütter, Elisa Schlott and Jan Krauter directed by Kai Wessel is in the ARD Media Library until February 26, 2023.

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On August 28, 1988, the U.S. Air Force held its magnificent annual Air Show in Ramstein. It turned into a disaster day with 70 dead and hundreds injured. external

The story “Ramstein – the pierced heart”

The film tells the tragedy with sensitivity and complexity based on real and impressive destinies: victims who have been seriously injured, doctors who have to make difficult triage decisions, and families who have lost loved ones.

It’s about people who are still traumatized after years, but who also find helpers to help them on their way to a new life. Rammstein – A Pierced Heart effectively connects temporal levels and makes it understandable that tragedy still exists for those involved for years to come.

When a team of investigators comes to terms with the events, they are met with silence and cover-up, those responsible are not named, compensation payments are approaching, and there are no plans for ongoing psychological support. The production also tells about the beginning of professional assistance for crisis management and learning about post-traumatic stress syndrome in Germany.

At the air show in Ramstein on August 28, 1988, a wrecked plane exploded into a crowd of terrified onlookers.  © picture-alliance / dpa - Photo report Photo: Kling

video: Rammstein shock (44 min)

“Ramstein – The Documentary”: background on the accident in the ARD media library

The documentary Rammstein – Documentary will also be shown today at Das Erste from 9:45 pm. It sheds light on the 1988 incident: This has been deeply ingrained in the collective memory. Even 34 years later, some survivors and helpers are badly marked.

And they accuse: Back then, safety rules were ignored, rescue procedures were chaotic, and responsible politicians shied away from their responsibility. In interviews with experts and politicians, the documentary pursues many unanswered questions about Flugtag. Peace researcher Eric Schmidt-Enbaum was a commissioned expert on the Ramstein Commission of Inquiry. In an interview, he made serious accusations to the US military: “You have to testify that the US Air Force violated applicable regulations with a fatal outcome.”

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Planes collide with each other in an air show on the US base Ramstein - a scene from the documentary film

In interviews with experts and politicians, the documentary investigates many unanswered questions about the day of the flight after the plane crash. external

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The Scar © NDR

There are disasters that make up biographies and leave scars. What do you do with the affected and their families? more

Christopher Sunline cannot forget what happened 30 years ago.  In the spring of 1988 he completed his training as a nurse.  Then disaster struck, and August 28 became his first day on the job.  Photos of the seriously injured are shocked.  © NDR

41 minutes

During an acrobatic show at Ramstein Air Force Base, a jet crashed into the crowd – 70 people died and 450 were injured, some of them seriously. What are the effects of the 1988 disaster? 41 minutes

Disaster collages.

Sandstorm on the A19, train accident in Eschede, air show disaster in Ramstein: What do accidents do for people who have experienced them or who are affected as relatives? more

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