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Death and the Devil: Amazon Prime’s new production deftly serves all the cravings for action and horror in the time leading up to Halloween.

The Mysterious Man in the Mist: Peter Capaldi as Gideon in The Devil’s Hour.Amazon Prime

The plot of a crazy serial killer is overused. Dozens of series and movies, from David Fincher’s groundbreaking city blockbuster “Seven” starring Brad Pitt to “The Passport,” “The Fall” and “The Serpent” to Ryan Murphy’s controversial Dahmer series on Netflix, have skillfully tapped into the myth of a killer obsession. heroes. Sometimes it’s so harsh that you can’t get the pictures out of your head for days.

Publication, drilling and torture

Where people used to mercifully fade away, today they saw, dug and tormented so badly that you hardly want to look anymore. There are also at least a dozen new documentaries about killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and other terrifying contemporaries. Not surprisingly, the six-part movie The Devil’s Hour is also about a series of mysterious murders.

Social worker Lucy Chambers (Jessica Raine) is having a rough time. Her young son Isaac was shocked and showed no emotion at all, no matter how his mother tried. No gift, no silly joke could conjure up emotions on an eight-year-old’s face.

As if that wasn’t enough, strange events happen that slowly but surely make the woman question her sanity. Chambers’ mother speaks to people who do not exist, in her house there are echoes that seem to have no origin, and that is not all: every night at 3:33 in the morning the young woman wakes up from a strange nightmare, and has been doing so for many years without having had explanation for it.

The content of this dream sequence also baffles her every night or every morning: it’s a kind of interrogation scene in which Lucy Chambers is questioned about mysterious incidents. Everything happens in a room flooded with twilight, the voice of the man interrogating her is distorted, the man does not see at first. The atmosphere is dark and desolate. But is it really a nightmare that the young woman has to live over and over, or is it a kind of vision, a hint of things that have not yet happened or have already happened?

The answers are somewhere, at the end of a series of brutal murders that follow a pattern that isn’t immediately clear. Parallel to the Lucy Chambers story, Detective Ravi Dillon (Nikesh Patel) investigates the mysterious murders terrorizing the city and somehow related to Lucy Chambers.

The main roles in the six-part British psychological thriller were played by Peter Capaldi (“World War Z” / “Paddington”), Jessica Ryan (“Becoming Elizabeth”) and Nikesh Patel, who is still relatively unknown in this country. Neither the medium and killer plot nor the entirely traditional narrative style, but fortunately for the six-part series, which contributes greatly to a proper arc of suspense, is particularly original. In addition, there is such an unobtrusive degree of threat and threat that you often hide it completely, but subconsciously creates an atmosphere of anxiety so that the viewer remains attached to the column. Now if that weird wannabe summer has passed and autumn is finally what it should be: gray, wet, and misty, The Devil’s Hour is the perfect chilling treat.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Devil’s Hour. Mini series, 6 episodes, Amazon Prime

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