New on Netflix and Amazon Prime: Series recommendations for the second week of March

Season 2 will be available “download” on Amazon Prime Video starting March 7.Image: Amazon

Sophia Sirman

The days are slowly getting longer again, but don’t worry: Living room season isn’t over yet. So get yourself comfortable on the couch and turn on the streaming service of your choice. To make the selection easier for you, we’ve picked the hottest new releases and the best classics for the week of March 4-11.

Whether it’s documentaries, sitcoms, mystery thrillers, or anything in between: you’ll find just the right series and movies for you in the Watson Series Guide!


Queer Eye Germany

Yes, you read that correctly, “Queer Eye” is now also available in a German version. With the new and very special ‘Fab 5’: Ayan, Josha, Lenny, David and Jan-Henrik are spreading love, optimism and positive vibes across the country and changing lives. Each of the five is an expert in one area and so they are transforming the lives of their subjects in the long run. Candidates are supported in the fields of ‘Fashion’, ‘Health’, ‘Life’, ‘Beauty’ and ‘Design’. The German version of “Queer Eye Germany” also includes touching and emotional moments.

“Worst roommate ever”

Since March 1, you can watch a new true crime documentary series on Netflix: The Worst Roommate Ever. In it, she told five true horror stories about initially seemingly cute roommates, who turn out to be pure villains over time. For example, there is a dear old lady who provides rooms for the needy, but her motives are never kind. In another case a young woman disappears – she was last seen by her roommate…

Amazon Prime Video


The second season of the sitcom Upload will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting March 11th. The comedy and sci-fi series from Greg Daniels, author of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreations,” is about life after death: in the future, people can transfer their consciousness to a virtual world after their death to download it. This is what happens to Nathan, too: After a car accident, he is greeted in the quiet “Lakeview,” his version of the afterlife. When he recovers his memories after a system error, he suspects that his death may not have been an accident…

As always, Watson Editor Sophia picked the latest series.

As always, Watson Editor Sophia picked the latest series. Photo: de Matte


“Joe vs. Carol”

Now coming, the fantasy series about “Tiger King”: From March 4 you can watch the new series “Joe vs. Carole” on Sky. The title means, of course, the heroes of the infamous documentary, Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. The feud between the two rivals has escalated to the point that Joe Exotic is now in prison for attempted murder. The series traces how this extreme situation could come about. “Saturday Night Live” actress and comedian Kate McKinnon plays Carol Baskin, while John Cameron Mitchell plays Joe Exotic. Sex and the City star Kyle MacLachlan plays Carol’s submissive husband Howard Baskin.

Disney +

“beautiful girl”

At Disney+ you’ll find the German comedy “Tschick” adapted from the novel by Wolfgang Herrndorf from March 4. It is about teenager Mike, who is left by his parents alone during the summer holidays. The mother is in rehabilitation and the father is on a “business trip” with his assistant. Suddenly, Tschick’s new teammate, actually Andrei Chichatschow, appears with a stolen Lada. Together, the two embark on an adventurous road trip through East Germany.


“Pam and Tommy”

If you don’t have a Disney+ account, you can watch the comedy series “Pam & Tommy” on MagentaTV starting March 9th. In it, Lily James and Sebastian Stan portray the former spouses of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The actress, best known for her role on “Baywatch,” and drummer for the rock band Mötley Crüe were married for a few years in the ’90s. When they were traveling together and had handymen in their house, they found a self-made sex tape of the star couple. Electricians released video on the new medium of the internet…Can Pam and Tommy stop the spread now?

Movie series of the week

“Jason Burns”

If you have really big ambitions for the next week, you can try watching all the “Bourne” movies. As of March 7, all five parts will be available on Amazon Prime Video:

  • “Bourne Identity”
  • “Bourne Supremacy”
  • “Bourne’s Alarm”
  • ‘Inherited goal’
  • “Jason Burns”

In all five parts, Matt Damon takes on the role of secret agent Jason Bourne, who has to make his way through world history. At first, Bourne was caught from the Mediterranean unconscious and does not remember his past life. However, he has a very quick mind and amazing amazing fighting skills. Over and over again he is tracked down and attacked by agents until he knows he was a killer…

Patricia is having a turbulent week on the farm in the current season of “Bauer sucht Frau”. Although there is a lot of friction between her and farmer Jörg, everyday life on the farm sometimes causes difficulties for the 40-year-old, as riding a tractor proves in the last episode.

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