Criticism of Lars Edinger – To be or not to be: who is he – and if so, how many are there?

Lars Edinger is not hiding. He lives in the headlines as much as he lives on the stage boards. Whatever he does, he deserves to be published. Whether he’s commenting on the conflict in Ukraine or standing in front of the homeless with his self-designed Aldi bag – it’s discussed on the featured pages and social media. What should a new documentary feature about him? Rainer Holzimer searches using “Lars Edinger – To be or not to be‘It is not necessarily the man behind the public figure, but the relationship between its various aspects. What does Lars Edinger have to do on stage with him in the news? With the movie actor, DJ, photographer, the eternal scandal? What happens when you put the mosaic together? Is there anything at all?

Holzimer and his crew accompanied Edinger during rehearsals for the play “Jedermann” in Salzburg and during the filming of the HBO series “Irma Vep” – we also see him as Hamlet and Richard III. In production at his home theater Schaubühne. Everything wraps up with press conferences, DJ sets, interviews, movie clips and everyday life impressions. as such talking heads Companions like Thomas Ostermayer, Isabelle Hubert or Michael Storminger ask about him. The latter brings out “Jedermann” and Eidinger yells at him for minutes in a scene from the documentary. He had the audacity to speak briefly to a colleague about the production while Edinger was rehearsing on stage. This scene once again underscores what is repeated over and over again: Eidinger also performs in everyday situations, just as he conveys everyday life on stage. In this case, he plays an outburst of rage, exaggerated theatrically. ““I’m not above anything at all,” he once explained. Moreover: “I want everything to hit me at best.

Open-fronted life (and games) Emotional (and physical) exposure is simply a part of Lars Edinger’s life.

Life and work in open masks. Lars Edinger, figuratively and often concretely naked. Holzemer presents a man who is not shy about taking risks. The problem is that if these risks have negative consequences, he is of course not that enthusiastic. So the word most used in the movie, before articles like “dir” or “das”, is undoubtedly “misunderstood”. Time and time again his words, images, and actions are misinterpreted, perhaps even maliciously distorted. The question of the €550 Aldi bag and the homeless recurs over and over again. Obviously, she won’t give up on him. Edinger complained that people were not interested in the explanation, but only in the reprimand. Unfortunately, he didn’t explain anything about her in the movie, and the movie doesn’t explain anything either.

You can find Edinger phrases on the Internet such as:This is not meant to be a luxury item at all, but rather a tribute to everyday life, to everyday objects.It’s hard to understand why there was no enthusiastic applause. How many times can you be misunderstood before you reconsider the way you communicate? Or is he perhaps wanting to be misunderstood? The manager does not ask any questions. The film does not want to be deconstructed, but rather to continue telling the story of the savage free-lance artist. And because a lot of enemies also means a lot of honour, Lars Edinger’s To Be or Not to Be wastes a lot of time and effort on building an outside enemy.

Defense against the overgrown enemy

The film reaches its climax of absurdity when it ties together rather unsurprising headlines around Berlinale PK, where Eidinger bursts into tears, to dramatic music. Followed by tweets, all of which are some of the most innocuous things you usually read on social networks. You almost want to be careful when writing a review – who knows if your private statements won’t appear in the next documentary?

Not surprisingly, drama in particular has become an increasingly political issue in recent years. It escapes the obvious categories that many crave. It creates impure experiences between reality and fantasy and blurs identities. The artist as a universal genius and the independence of art is the subject of criticism. The film puts Edinger as her defender. He also recently played a crazy, drug-addicted rock star in Olivier Assayas’ “Irma Vep” series. In one of the scenes we watched the filming, it is his last monologue. A glowing appeal to art menace.

Even Lars Edinger seems to be a big fan of Austrian theater legend Edith Cleaver.

But somehow Edinger never feels dangerous here, in the worst case even as a kind of court jester. However, the highlights of the film are the theatrical recordings. “I became myself on stageSo why do you actually document the least authentic apart from Schaubühne and Co.? When Edinger rages and stumbles over slabs and roars and whispers and curses, you understand what makes it so appealing. So, the movie is with itself, but it also feels like a tiered set of rituals, Referring to the chains of the individual. Some provocations – such as obsession with obesity and physical injuries to the characters – look a bit tired. And most impressive in Edinger – sausage in the ass and so on – do not even occur. Editors in public television at least can still at least They are shocked by the general horror.

Without much resistance, Edinger admits he is ambitious and a business owner. Hiding his narcissism would be ridiculous. Unfortunately, the film “Lars Edinger – To Be Or Not To Be” does not have much to oppose the actor’s ego. It’s not a good idea to leave your topic, but it’s also a bad idea to talk lazily after it. In the end, it’s all about Lars Edinger in endless loops. You don’t see it in a new light, you just bask as ever through the lights of the stage. As a criticism, it was enough to simply write his name over and over.

Synopsis: Lars Edinger, Lars Edinger and again Lars Edinger. ‘Not Existence’ the title sounds silly when it seems the movie can’t even imagine a world without it.

We saw Lars Edinger: To be or not to be at the 2022 Cologne Film Festival.

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